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Wikipedia Preview brings free knowledge to your site in the form of a Wikipedia article preview popup. With Wikipedia Preview, a reader can see a short summary of words or concepts in your content by hovering or tapping on the preview popup, as they read through your content page.
Wikipedia Preview is an official plugin developed and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.


  • Leverage an enormous collection of free knowledge to provide context immediately when your readers are curious.
  • Enable users to stay engaged by giving them context while they read.
  • Available in over 300 languages, so you can provide, where available, context in a language different from your site.
  • No need to explain a concept that is not directly related to the article you are writing, add a contextual popup instead.
  • Use the same process you use today to add hyperlinks to your articles.


  • Handles any link to a Wikipedia article regardless of language, lead image presence or length.
  • Works for Right-to-Left (RTL) and Left-To-Right (LTR) languages.
  • A built-in gallery to dive into article images.
  • Can be disabled for any page using the post metadata sidebar. Look for the Wikipedia Preview section.
  • Gutenburg editor custom tool to search for Wikipedia articles and visualize Wikipedia Preview for readers.

How to use

After you download and install the Wikipedia Preview plugin, simply add a link in your site content to any Wikipedia article URL and it will be turned into a preview.


  • Mobile view on touch
  • Mobile view expanded
  • Fullscreen image gallery
  • Desktop view on hover
  • Search for Wikipedia articles
  • Visualization of Wikipedia Preview for readers


Is Wikipedia Preview free?

Yes, Wikipedia Preview is free. It has been made available to you by Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that powers Wikipedia with a mission of free knowledge equity.

Does Wikipedia Preview work on any word?

The Wikipedia Preview works with any word or phrase that has an article on Wikipedia, in any of the available languages.

What is the flow for implementing the Wikipedia Preview links in a post?

When writing articles, decide which words show a Wikipedia popup on a particular post. The process of enabling the Wikipedia popup on a specific word is identical to adding a hyperlink.

After the implementation of Wikipedia Preview will there be any impact on the size of the page? Will it get laggy?

The words that will have a Wikipedia Preview popup on your site need to be annotated. Those annotations add to the page size but not more than the regular hyperlinks you already use.

Is it compatible with all the browsers?

The Wikipedia Preview is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge (Current and previous version), Safari 5.1+, iOS 6.1+ and Android 4.1+

How can we share our experience with Wikipedia Preview with you?

Please leave reviews on our Wikipedia Preview plugin page

How else can I work with the Wikimedia Foundation?

If you would like to explore a collaboration opportunity beyond Wikipedia Preview, please contact


14. September 2021
Wikipedia Preview provides great resources for both educators and learners. The Preview is simple and easy to use. This is a good move towards ensuring education resources are accessible to everyone.
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