WooCommerce Admin


WooCommerce Admin ist eine neue JavaScript-gesteuerte Oberfläche zur Verwaltung des Shops. Das Plugin enthält neue und verbesserte Berichte und ein Dashboard zur Überwachung der wichtigsten Kennzahlen der Website.

Neue Berichte für WooCommerce

WooCommerce Admin hat eine Vielzahl neuer Berichte, die auf Geschwindigkeit optimiert sind und über erweiterte Filter verfügen, mit denen in die Daten des Shops eingetaucht werden kann:

  • Umsatzreport
  • Bestellbericht
  • Produktbericht
  • Categories Report
  • Gutscheinbericht
  • Steuerbericht
  • Download-Report
  • Bestandsbericht
  • Kundenreport

Anpassbares Dashboard

WooCommerce Admin also allows store owners to customize a new dashboard screen with “performance indicators” that correspond in importance to their store’s operation.

Erste Schritte

Minimale Systemanforderungen

  • WordPress 5.3
  • WooCommerce 3.6.0 oder höher
  • PHP version 5.6.20 or greater. PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater. MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended

Visit the WooCommerce server requirements documentation for a detailed list of server requirements.

Automatische Installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option, as WordPress handles the file transfers and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To perform an automatic install:
1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
3. Enter “WooCommerce Admin” in the Search field, and view details about its point release, the rating and description.
4. Select “Install Now” when you’re ready.

Manuelle Installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress Codex contains instructions at Manual Plugin Installation.

Wo kann man Fehler melden oder zum Projekt beitragen?

Bugs should be reported in the WooCommerce Admin GitHub repository.

Das ist fantastisch! Kann ich einen Beitrag leisten?

Ja, das kannst du! Tritt unserem GitHub Repository bei.

Release and roadmap notes are available on the WooCommerce Developers Blog


  • WooCommerce Admin Dashboard
  • Aktivitätsbereiche
  • Analytics


26. August 2020
When adding a product, the shopping cart is empty.
9. August 2020
Has conflicts with Astra Theme (Quick View and other JS based scripts don't work), Shop Page and other JS functions from other plugins. Perhaps this has not been namespaced properly. Do not add to WooCommerce yet till these have been resolved.
9. Juli 2020
Hi, I like the plugin since original released... is it still relevant now that it is supposed to be present in WooCommerce core?
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1.6.2 10/16/2020

  • Fix: Missing activity panels on ugraded sites #5400
  • Fix: Casting of onboarding profile data to array #5415
  • Fix: Gutenberg 9.1.1 compat for inbox on home screen not showing #5416
  • Fix: i18n of Performance Indicator strings #5405
  • Fix: Gutenberg 9.1.1 compat for empty data sets #5409

1.6.1 10/13/2020

  • Fix: Hide setup checklist shortcut when setup checklist skipped #5360
  • Fix: use of undefined function on WC < 4.0.0.

1.6.0 10/9/2020

  • Dev: Reviews wp.data store #4941
  • Dev: Notes wp.data store #4943
  • Dev: Add woocommerce_analytics_update_order_stats_data filter #4934
  • Dev: Remove unused lib/date #4987
  • Dev: Exports wp.data store #4958
  • Dev: Remove _experimentalResolveSelect usage #4949
  • Dev: Items wp.data store #5009
  • Dev: Import wp.data store #4982
  • Dev: Remove fresh-data wc-api dependency #5075
  • Dev: Add initial e2e test suite #5028
  • Dev: Combine translation chunks when languages updated #5094
  • Dev: Add filters for columns in reports #5134
  • Dev: Don’t include „min“ suffix in build JS files for core build #5130
  • Enhancement: Add free local shipping zone on profile complete #4857
  • Enhancement: Add woocommerce/tracks package #5107
  • Enhancement: Add filter to allow modification of report columns #4984
  • Enhancement: Add WooCommerce Mobile Banner #5037
  • Enhancement: Add Product Attribute advanced filter #5038
  • Enhancement: Add support for advanced filters with multiple instances #5050
  • Enhancement: Automated taxes smart default #5076
  • Enhancement: Add product attribute filter to Orders report #5068
  • Tweak: Remove payment task actions #4917
  • Tweak: Don’t import from React, use @wordpress/element #4978
  • Tweak: Use filtered headers array in onColumnsChange callback #4964
  • Tweak: Orders panel get selectors form wc-api #4997
  • Tweak: Group tasks by completion in setup checklist #5001
  • Tweak: Replace useFilters with WP withFilters #4962
  • Tweak: Refactor header component to function #5023
  • Tweak: Refactor task list status to onboarding data store #4998
  • Tweak: Add monthly pricing toggle in OBW #5015
  • Tweak: OBW style updates #5059
  • Tweak: Remove chevron icons from Fish Setup task list #5114
  • Tweak: Add option to not charge sales tax in setup checklist #5111
  • Tweak: Enable homescreen for all sites #5108
  • Tweak: Enable remote inbox in all envs #5160
  • Tweak: Add opt-out for remote inbox #5162
  • Fix: Table component onQueryChange default prop #4959
  • Fix: Dependency declarations in woocommerce/components #4972
  • Fix: Text domains in stock report #4980
  • Fix: Typo in reports store action creators #4992
  • Fix: Note data actions and consolidate query constants #4990
  • Fix: Advanced filters screen reader text #5032
  • Fix: Show full variation name in products report #5056
  • Fix: Card to connect to woocommerce.com #5129
  • Fix: Search all variation attribute values #5141
  • Fix: Force float before addition in taxes #5149

1.5.0 2020-08-07

  • Dev: New notification: Don’t forget to test your checkout. #4805
  • Dev: Enable tax calculation before redirecting to standard tax rates page. #4878
  • Fix: Use clipRule and fillRule props. #4889, part of #4864
  • Dev: Added event recording to Orders, Stock, and Reviews panels. #4861
  • Dev: Added personalization to purchase extension task. #4849
  • Dev: Display modal with more info about the new homescreen. #4890
  • Dev: Task list – add a shortcut back to store setup. #4853
  • Dev: Update the colors of the illustrations in the welcome modal. #4945
  • Enhancement: Add eWAY to Payment Setup for AU/NZ Stores. #4947

1.4.0 2020-07-22

  • Fix: Update returning customer total to include customers whose first order was within the report date range #4430
  • Fix: Fix an error in the Analytics/Orders table when there is an order deleted directly from the database #4630
  • Fix: Reselecting advanced filters in the customer list #4650
  • Fix: Reporting of deleted coupons #4671
  • Fix: Preventing refresh after answering a survey note #4711
  • Fix: Regular filters not working #4704
  • Fix: React warning in test that the key prop wasn’t assigned in List #4808
  • Fix: Center continue buttons in the onboarding profile wizard #4082
  • Fix: Homepage template used in setup checklist customization task #4807
  • Fix: Errant Jetpack activation prompt in Stats Overview home screen widget #4817
  • Fix: Unable to activate theme with uppercase name #4393 🎉 @ayubadiputra
  • Fix: Set active theme when OBW is shown via the task list #4834
  • Enhancement: Add option to dismiss tasks in Setup Checklist #4733
  • Enhancement: Show contextual help menu when working on store setup tasks. #4779
  • Enhancement: Add automatic PayPal account creation flow. #4804
  • Enhancement: Move the WooCommerce > Coupons dashboard menu item to Marketing > Coupons. #4786
  • Tweak: Add education and travel to the onboarding industry types #4694
  • Tweak: Refactor Jetpack connection flows #4655
  • Tweak: Refactor tax task to use promise chain #4683
  • Tweak: Add bundle install UI to Business Details step #4695
  • Tweak: Include Product Bundles and Product Add-ons as OBW product options #4705
  • Tweak: Toggle the “Physical products” checkbox on by default #4702
  • Tweak: Variation Names: Allow long names to be shown #4715
  • Tweak: Limit inbox status to unactioned notes #4765
  • Tweak: Only show usage tracking modal once in OBW. #4766
  • Tweak: Add WooCommerce Payments to Setup Checklist. #4793
  • Tweak: Update connection flow for Bundle UI #4717
  • Tweak: Style improvements for Marketing hub. #4794
  • Tweak: Added skip profiler functionality #4721
  • Tweak: Reordered home screen tasks #4754
  • Tweak: Create single source of truth for task list array #4825
  • Tweak: Rework the store details onboarding screen #4771
  • Tweak: Design of Product Types step in Onboarding #4707
  • Tweak: Add copy that WCS TOS will be accepted upon install #4799
  • Dev: Customize webpack jsonpFunction to avoid potential collision with other Webpack bundles #4644 🎉 @aaemnnosttv
  • Dev: Update @wordpress/base-styles and replace deprecated variables #4759

1.3.2 2020-07-29

  • Fix: bug preventing saving user preferences on WP 5.3. #4869

1.3.1 2020-07-20

  • Fix: PHP Fatal errors when columns are missing from the Notes table. #4831

1.3.0 2020-07-08

  • Enhancement: Add Jetpack stats to performance indicatorts / homepage #4291
  • Enhancement: New „Store Management“ quick links card on WooCommerce home screen. #4350
  • Enhancement: Inbox notifications layout updates #4218
  • Enhancement: New Home Screen #4303
  • Enhancement: Use WordPress Core colors for styling accents. #4558
  • Dev: Add jest-dom eslint plugin. #4327
  • Dev: Migrate onboarding data store to wp.data #4433
  • Dev: Remove use of IconButton in favor of Button #4415
  • Dev: Fix error handling for plugins on server error #4462
  • Dev: update @wordpress/components and @wordpress/base-styles #4427
  • Dev: Migrate user store to wp.data #4505
  • Dev: Add options data store to wp.data #4144
  • Dev: Runtime feature config override #4523
  • Dev: Check that the possibly_add_note function exists before calling it #4680
  • Dev: Remove unnecessary rest API init action. #4691
  • Dev: Don’t include sourcemaps or unminified JS for „core“ builds. #4642
  • Fix: misaligned ‚required‘ text on selects #4307
  • Fix: exception when opening dashboard after selecting extensions to purchase #4357
  • Fix: REST API collections schema #4377
  • Fix: Monetary Advanced Filters in Customers Report with correct currency object prop. #4356
  • Fix: In App purchase „back link“ #4301
  • Fix: Search results selectable by clicking on item text or icon #4474
  • Fix: Filters‘ static query parameters #4458
  • Fix: The WCPay method not appearing as recommended sometimes #4345
  • Fix: Removed URLSearchParams method #4501
  • Fix: REST API collections schema. #4484
  • Fix: null issue in wpNavMenuClassChange #4513 🎉 @gradosevic
  • Fix: RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542
  • Fix: Don’t show store location step in tax and shipping tasks if the address has already been provided #4507
  • Fix: Check for enabled methods before payment task completion #4530
  • Fix: Solved a problem with the method onChoose in the last onboarding step. #4583
  • Fix: Only mark purchase task as complete when products exist #4574
  • Fix: Remove unnecessary rest_api_init action that caused incompatibility issues with other plugins. #4691
  • Fix: Fix WCPay sometimes not appearing on the task list #4647
  • Tweak: make revenue report total sales column optional #4397
  • Tweak: Adjustments to WooCommerce Payments setup task #4373
  • Tweak: Handling of plugin installs in OBW #4411
  • Tweak: Update design of Setup Checklist #4434
  • Tweak: Add scrollable styling to left side of Table, and keep updated #4179
  • Tweak – Add custom autocompleter support to Search componen #4518
  • Tweak: reduce asset filename length. #4535
  • Tweak: Use single dash for country/state dropdown options #4553
  • Tweak: Use label tag for toggleable shipping zones #4554
  • Tweak: Tweak – Make it easier to add submenu items to the Marketing menu #4561
  • Tweak: Remove duplicate/redundant inbox note after first order received. #4659
  • Tweak: Fix the embed page CSS so the top content sits better #4622

1.2.4 2020-06-11

  • Tweak: reduce asset filename length and remove tilde characters. #4535
  • Fix: RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542

1.2.3 2020-05-22

  • Tweak: Updates to WooCommerce Payments in Setup Checklist #4293

1.2.2 2020-05-18

  • Fix: Respect tracking opt-in before new page load. #4368
  • Enhancement: Add Jetpack connection to plugin benefits step #4374

1.2.0 2020-05-18

  • Enhancement: Add onboarding payments note #4157
  • Enhancement: Marketing Inbox Note #4030
  • Performance: Use Route based code splitting to reduce bundle size #4094
  • Performance: trim down inbox note API request. #3977
  • Fix: Proper display of elements in wc-admin pages when in a RTL environment. #4051
  • Fix: Update UX when knowledge base articles fail to retrieve #4133
  • Fix: Updated messaging after last step in OBW. #4148
  • Fix: Reset profiler when visiting old OBW URL #4166.
  • Fix: Dashboard flash before OBW chunk loads #4259
  • Tweak: Enable the default homepage template to be filtered #4072 🎉 @stevegrunwell
  • Tweak: Create admin note if Jetpack or WooCommerce Services plugin doesn’t get installed due to an error during OBW #3888
  • Tweak: Update Email Marketing note. #4167
  • Tweak: Adjust „demo products“ verbiage to „Sample Products“ #4184 🎉 @jobthomas
  • Tweak: Don’t reschedule imports on failed imports #4263
  • Tweak: Remove obsolete inbox messages #4182
  • Dev: Make query selector for admin alerts more specific #4289 🎉 @pauloiankoski
  • Dev: Guard against null themes in OBW #4244
  • Dev: Update wcadmin db version after db callback #4323
  • Dev: Only migrate options on version change #4324
  • Dev: Use PAGE_ROOT constant to reduce redundant strings #4238 🎉 @codemascot
  • Dev: Decouple Plugins DataStore from onboarding feature #4048
  • Dev: Move API out of Onboarding #4093
  • Dev: Add Profiler Step View Tracks #4141
  • Dev: Add React Testing Library #4221
  • Dev: Add List and Link components to Storybook #4219
  • Dev: Cast Shipping Total to float #4042 🎉 @barryhughes
  • Dev: Dynamic Currency with Context API #4027
  • Dev: Remove Duplicate array entry #4049 🎉 @tivnet

1.1.3 2020-05-18

  • Tweak: Onboarding: Add Jetpack flow back to onboarding profiler. #4382
  • Fix: Respect tracking opt-in before new page load. #4368

1.1.2 N/A

  • Version bumped on Composer/Packagist but not released to WordPress.org.

1.1.1 2020-05-05

  • Fix: Storefront should show at top of theme options in onboarding wizard. #4187
  • Tweak: Remove Stripe auto-connect from payment task. #4164
  • Tweak: Hide suggested extensions in Marketing Tab if opted out of „Marketplace Suggestions“

1.1.0 2020-04-23

  • Tweak: Added link to „go shopping“ button #3712
  • Fix: Make analytics tables use the site’s date format setting #3715
  • Fix: Alignment of select text #3723 🎉 @edmundcwm
  • Tweak: Add PayFast payment gateway option for sites in South Africa #3738
  • Tweak: Onboarding: Update screen order and remove Jetpack connection in profiler #3739
  • Tweak: Onboarding – business step: add more options in the competitors list and other fixes #3812
  • Tweak: Onboarding: Redesign plugin benefits screen #3764
  • Fix: inconsistent wording downloads report #3844 🎉 @jobthomas
  • Tweak: Onboarding: Use full width template for homepage in stores using Storefront #3846
  • Tweak: Remove ‚add first product‘ note. #3876
  • Enhancement: Improve focus on task list #3796
  • Enhancement: Allow individual payment method setup in the onboarding task list #3782
  • Tweak: Onboarding: Add toggles to configured payments in task list #3801
  • Onboarding: Add offline payment methods #3832
  • Fix: Verify Stripe API keys in payment set up step. #3910
  • Fix: Connect to WooCommerce.com note disappears before connecting. #3909
  • Tweak: Onboarding – payments task: filter payment gateways if the user selects CBD #3745
  • Enahncement: Create flat rate or free shipping methods from the onboarding task list #3927
  • Fix: Add WooCommerce support if store is using default theme #3908
  • Fix: Make WooCommerce breadcrumbs use WooCommerce Branding if it is installed #3798
  • Fix undefined variable slug on theme activation error #3942 🎉 2nad@m1992
  • Tweak: Style and icon updates for Activity Panel #3965
  • Fix: handle cases where coupon dates are in an unexpected format. #3984
  • Enhancement: „Personalize your store“ reminder: new inbox notification #3895
  • Fix: Onboarding: only validate other platform name for ‚other‘ selling venues #4011
  • Performance: only query necessary data in Orders Panel. #3969
  • Tweak: Remove icon-button classes from Tag component #3993
  • Enhancement: WooCommerce Shipping order page banner prompt #3955
  • Performance: speed up indicators endpoint response. #3997
  • Enahncement: Add WC Pay to startup checklist
  • Enhancement: Marketing Tab
  • Enhancement: Add WooCommerce Payments Inbox note #4013
  • Fix: Added hook to delete woocommerce_onboarding_homepage_post_id #4015
  • Performance: only query requested stat totals in reports. #4009
  • Fix: Show admin notices on legacy admin screens. #4019
  • Tweak: Reduce the number of default widgets on the dashboard. #4035
  • Tweak: Onboarding: Remove plugins step from profiler #3974
  • Fix: wc-admin pages work in Internet Explorer 11. #4037
  • Dev: Handle orphaned order statuses in analytics settings. #4090
  • Tweak: Overwrite button overflow css from WordPress 5.4 defaults #4108
  • Dev: Fix usage of WP_Error in non-global namespaces. #4115
  • Tweak: business details step: increase max-height on competitors listbox #4111
  • Fix: OBW: Allow CBD only for US stores #4117

1.0.3 2020-03-22

  • Fix: Stop calling protected has_satisfied_dependencies() on outdated plugin. #3938
  • Fix: Rename image assets in OBW business details step. #3931
  • Fix: Stop using WP Post store for Action Scheduler. #3936

1.0.2 2020-03-18

  • Enhancement: Onboarding: business step: add Google Ads extension install #3725
  • Dev: Update prestart script so readme.txt stable tag is updated #3911
  • Tweak: create database tables on an earlier hook to avoid conflicts with core WooCommerce. #3896
  • Fix – Made the admin note loading more resilient to prevent failures when loading notes with invalid content_data. #3926

1.0.1 2020-03-12

  • Fix: Add Report Extension Example: Add default props to ReportFilters
  • Fix: Product report sorting by SKU when some products don’t have SKUs
  • Dev: Add Changelog script
  • Fix: type warning on install timestamp in PHP 7.4
  • Fix: PHP error when WooCommerce core is Network Active on Multisites.
  • Fix: missing database table errors on WooCommerce upgrade.
  • Fix: undefined const WC_ADMIN_VERSION_NUMBER when WP < 5.3
  • Dev: Fix failing tests after WC core merge.
  • Dev: Bump WooCommerce tested up to tag

1.0.0 2020-03-5

  • Fix: Customers Report: fix missing report param in search #3778
  • Fix: OBW Connect: Fix requesting state #3786
  • Fix: OBW: Fix retry plugin install button disappearing #3787
  • Fix: Update Country Labeling to Match Core #3790
  • Fix: Onboarding: Enable taxes when automatic taxes are setup #3795
  • Dev: Onboarding: Remove old development flags #3809
  • Fix: Padding on Jetpack notices when activity panel is present. $3418
  • Fix: Taxes Report search. #3815
  • Fix: Taxes Report search bug and adds initial documentation. #3816
  • Fix: Activity Panels: Remove W Panel #3827
  • Fix: Tracking on migrated options #3828

0.26.1 2020-02-26

  • Fix: Remove free text Search option when no query exists #3755
  • Fix: StoreAlert: Fix typo in API description #3757 👏 @akirk
  • Fix: WP Coding Standards PR Regressions #3760
  • Fix: OBW: sideloading image test error #3762
  • Fix: coding standards violations #3763
  • Fix: Product titles include encoded entities #3765
  • Fix: Add deactivation hook to Package.php #3770
  • Fix: Add active version functions #3772

0.26.0 2020-02-21

  • Fix: Warning in product data store when tax amount is non-numeric. #3656
  • Fix: Enable onboarding in production. #3680
  • Enhancement: Move Customers report to WooCommerce Menu #3632
  • Performance: Remove slow physical products query from non setup checklist pages #3722
  • Tweak: use cron instead of Action Scheduler for unsnoozing notes. #3662
  • Dev: Add tracks events when profiler steps are completed #3726
  • Dev: Ensure continue setup loads the onboarding profiler #3646
  • Fix: Added new control in /packages/components/src/select-control/list.js #3700
  • Fix: Alignment of select text #3723 👏 @edmundcwm
  • Performance: Make Stock Panel indicator more performant. #3729
  • Performance: Remove sideloaded images to save on build size #3731
  • Fix: Create Onboarding homepage without redirect #3727
  • Add: Deactivation note for feature plugin #3687
  • Dev: Travis tests on Github for release branch #3751

0.25.1 2020-02-07

  • Dev: Enable onboarding #3651 (Onboarding)
  • Now decodeEntities method is used to correct the breadcrumb. #3653 (Activity Panel)
  • Fix: Fix styling of search control in report table header and filters. #3603 (Analytics, Components, Packages)

0.25.0 2020-01-29

  • Fix: Onboarding: Mark profiler complete on WC update #3590 (On Merge to WC Core, Onboarding)
  • Dev: fix strict standards in Scheduler classes #3583
  • Task: Avoid redundant/unnecessary cleanup. #3580 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Fix: Fix styling of search control in report table header and filters. #3603 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Fix: report table search component. #3618 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Performance: Remove unnecessary use of lodash get #3598 (Onboarding)
  • Tweak: don’t modify page titles for existing WooCommerce pages. #3585 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Dev: Handle custom currency formats #3349 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Update broken note action hooks #3535 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Only Show Retry Button on Plugin install failure #3545
  • Dev: SelectControl: Add an option to show all options on refocus #3551 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: SQL error in category table sort. #3521 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add option to track appearance completion #3503 (Onboarding)
  • Enhancement: add customer privacy erasure support. #3511 (Analytics)
  • Fix: handle uninstallation when in feature plugin mode. #3546 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Fix: Exception on dashboard once Onboarding tasks are complete #3513
  • Tweak: Onboarding – Add Skip Step link on Themes Step. #3490 (Onboarding)
  • Bug: Add SelectControl debouncing and keyboard fixes #3507 (Components, Packages)
  • Tweak: Included RegExp for JS files in examples.config.js #3510 (Build, Extensibility) 👏 @yash-webkul
  • Bug: Onboarding: Don’t show skip link if no plugins exist to skip #3485 (Onboarding)
  • Fix: Make package-based load inert when plugin is active. #3555 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add purchase products task list item #3472 (Onboarding)
  • Fix: Properly style theme selection button in Site Profiler #3489
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add tracks to extension purchase task and modal #3493 (Onboarding)
  • Tweak: Change Refunds to Returns on the dashboard. #3514
  • Dev: Update translation scripts and instructions for creating .json files. #3433 (Build)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Add in tracks for failed plugin installation #3483 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add theme install and activation endpoints #3482 (Onboarding, REST API)
  • Fix: component styles for WordPress 5.3. #3357 (Build, Components, Design, Packages)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add another option to platforms. #3471 (Onboarding)
  • Fix: CompareFilter functionality regression. #3421 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Fix: don’t run database migrations on new installs. #3473
  • Fix: WC-Admin header on settings and status pages. #3389 (Activity Panel)
  • Enhancement: allow filtering of hidden WP notices. #3391 (Activity Panel, Extensibility)
  • Fix: show pending product reviews when comment moderation is disabled. #3459 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: AssetDataRegistry: update SQL example #3418
  • Tweak: Scroll to notices when displayed while the notice area is scrolled out of view. #3390 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: DataStores: normalize contexts to plural #3419
  • Enhancement: allow report cache layer to be turned off. #3434
  • Bug: Fix user data fields filter name. #3428 (Dashboard)
  • Fix: error when trying to download report data. #3429 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Update to latest PHPUnit 7 #3571 (Build)
  • Fix: invalidate Reports cache when changing Analytics settings. #3465 (Analytics, REST API, Settings)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Skip Shipping connect step if Jetpack is already connected #3486 (Onboarding)
  • Fix: Time zone offset calculation on customer last active date. #3388 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Default the Calypso environment to production #3347 (Onboarding)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Update shipping task button text #3400 (Onboarding)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Update check for TOS accepted in tax step #3245 (Onboarding)
  • Fix: remove the header when user doesn’t have required permissions #3386 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Add autocomplete props to address fields in onboarding and adjust country/state matching #3338 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Add purchase modal at the end of the profile wizard #3444 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Standardize hook and filter prefixes. #3339 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Fix: make report filter date props optional #3359 (Components, Extensibility, Packages)
  • Tweak: Add/disable plugin filter #3361
  • Dev: Onboarding – Add button to continue setup after importing products #3402 (Build, Onboarding)

0.24.0 2020-01-06

  • Bug: Add SelectControl debouncing and keyboard fixes #3507 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Properly style theme selection button in Site Profiler #3489
  • Dev: Update translation scripts and instructions for creating .json files. #3433 (Build)
  • Dev: Add initial documentation for the historical data import. #3506 (Documentation)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add purchase products task list item #3472 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add another option to platforms. #3471 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Add singular/plural distinction to onboarding plugins installation #3517 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add theme install and activation endpoints #3482 (Onboarding, REST API)
  • Tweak: Onboarding – Add Skip Step link on Themes Step. #3490 (Onboarding)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Skip Shipping connect step if Jetpack is already connected #3486 (Onboarding)
  • Bug: CI: use PR repo instead of main repo when checking out branches. #3512 (Build)
  • Tweak: Included RegExp for JS files in examples.config.js #3510 (Build, Extensibility) 👏 @yash-webkul
  • Dev: Onboarding: Add tracks to extension purchase task and modal #3493 (Onboarding)
  • Tweak: Change Refunds to Returns on the dashboard. #3514
  • Fix: invalidate Reports cache when changing Analytics settings. #3465 (Analytics, REST API, Settings)
  • Dev: DataStores: normalize contexts to plural #3419
  • Dev: AssetDataRegistry: update SQL example #3418
  • Fix: show pending product reviews when comment moderation is disabled. #3459 (Activity Panel)
  • Enhancement: allow report cache layer to be turned off. #3434
  • Tweak: Scroll to notices when displayed while the notice area is scrolled out of view. #3390 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Add autocomplete props to address fields in onboarding and adjust country/state matching #3338 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Update instructions for documenting new components. #3443 (Components, Documentation)
  • Dev: Add purchase modal at the end of the profile wizard #3444 (Onboarding)
  • Fix: component styles for WordPress 5.3. #3357 (Build, Components, Design, Packages)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Don’t show skip link if no plugins exist to skip #3485 (Onboarding)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Add in tracks for failed plugin installation #3483 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Fix the „is this card useful“ prompt display #3427 (Onboarding)
  • Tweak: Add/disable plugin filter #3361
  • Bug: Onboarding: Update shipping task button text #3400 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Default the Calypso environment to production #3347 (Onboarding)
  • Dev: Standardize hook and filter prefixes. #3339 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Fix: WC-Admin header on settings and status pages. #3389 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Fix revenue question translation with currency conversion #3358 (Onboarding, Packages)
  • Fix: make report filter date props optional #3359 (Components, Extensibility, Packages)
  • Dev: Onboarding – Add button to continue setup after importing products #3402 (Build, Onboarding)
  • Bug: Onboarding: Update check for TOS accepted in tax step #3245 (Onboarding)

0.23.3 2019-12-26

  • Fix: don’t run database migrations on new installs. #3473

0.23.2 2019-12-19

  • Enhancement: allow filtering of hidden WP notices. #3391 (Activity Panel, Extensibility)
  • Fix: error when trying to download report data. #3429 (Analytics)
  • Bug: Fix user data fields filter name. #3428 (Dashboard)
  • Fix: CompareFilter functionality regression. #3421 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Time zone offset calculation on customer last active date. #3388 (Analytics)
  • Fix: remove the header when user doesn’t have required permissions #3386 (Activity Panel)

0.23.1 2019-12-08

  • Fix: undefined function error.

0.23.0 2019-12-06

  • Dev: Add currency extension #3328 (Packages)
  • Fix: errant moment locale data loading. #3362 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Packages: Prep for release. #3325 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Settings: Persist date range selection #3293
  • Dev: Remove Newspack dependency. #3302
  • Dev: DB Updates: invalidate cache after update #3299
  • Fix: beginning of next day calculation on daylight saving time on the days the time changes. #3333 (Analytics)
  • Tweak: Add a filter that allows disabling WooCommerce Admin. #3350 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Fix: Retrieve week last year data by calendar date instead of week alignment. #3271 (Analytics, Packages)
  • Bug: Check if extended_info is set for order report items #3315 (REST API)
  • Tweak: remove global settings dependency from Navigation package. #3294 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Fix checkout of main branch in CI environment. #3296 (Build)
  • Fix: decouple Date package from global wcSettings object. #3278 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Make the order count between customer and table total consistent. #3290 (Analytics)
  • Fix: decouple Currency and Number packages from global wcSettings object. #3277 (Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Filter invalid statuses from saved statuses #3268
  • Dev: use a filter to set default locale #3273
  • Dev: Allow core inclusion via Package.php #3196 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix filter gap on analytics select controls #3259 (Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Correcting and clarifying analytics terms and calculations #3104 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Dev: rename data store get_* to add_* functions where function does not return values #3275
  • Tweak: Search component: remove dependency on settings global from countries autocompleter. #3262 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: PHPCS fixes for onboarding files #3269 (Documentation)
  • Dev: Add a tracks queue to delay event recording & log embed page views #3250
  • Dev: Make WooCommerce brand localizable #3247
  • Fix: Add single customer REST API end point. #3174 (REST API)
  • Dev: fix typos in JS docs #3248
  • Bug: Select control: fix misalignment and hide scroll bar #3215 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: capitalize WooCommerce Services #3249

0.22.0 2019-11-13

  • Fix: Incorrect calculation of tax summary on Taxes screen. #3158 (Analytics)
  • Fix: Correct product and coupon count on edited orders. #3103 (Analytics)
  • Bug: Update filter picker to use key instead of id #3214 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Enhancement: prompt stores to add their first product(s). #3119 (Inbox)
  • Dev: Move Analytics REST endpoints to wc-analytics namespace. #3204 (Components, Packages)
  • Tweak: add usage tracking inbox notice. #3112 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
  • Task: Fix PHP linter errors. #3188
  • Enhancement: Add query filters to data stores.
  • Dev: Refactor data store classes. #2961 (REST API)
  • Dev: WooCommerce Admin has been marked as compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.0. #3201
  • Bug: Fix ellipsis menu style #3141 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Tweak: Field misalignment in product edit screen. #3145
  • Dev: update tested to version for WC and WP #3162
  • none needed. #3138 (Documentation)

0.21.0 2019-10-30

  • Fix: report export format when generated server-side. #2987 (Analytics, Packages)
  • Tweak: automatically update DB version during plugin updates. #3113
  • Tweak: add visual feedback for Inbox Note Actions #3039 (Activity Panel, Build, Inbox)
  • Fix: Address discrepancies in Revenue totals between Analytics screens. #3095 (Analytics)
  • Tweak: track inbox note views. #3096 (Activity Panel, Build, Inbox)
  • Dev: Fix asset image URL and business extension images #3062
  • Dev: Fix broken plugin builds by adding missing feature flag check #3053 (Build)
  • Enhancement: add management link to Reviews panel. #3011 (Activity Panel)
  • Fix: Error in category comparison chart. #3027 (Analytics, REST API)
  • Dev: Add the ability to create custom plugin builds #3044 (Build)
  • Fix: create table error during import. #3022 (Analytics, Build)
  • Tweak: Moved WC-Admin specific actions from TableCard to ReportTable. #2900 (Build, Components, Packages)

0.20.1 2019-09-24

  • Fix: use category lookup id instead of term taxonomy id (#3027)
  • Fix: Update order stats table status index length. (#3022)

0.20.0 2019-09-24

  • Dev: Fix issue #2992 (order number in orders panel) #2994
  • Dev: Replace lodash isNaN() with native Number.isNaN() #2998 (Build, Packages)
  • Enhancement: add option to email a download link when exporting reports. #2899 (Analytics, REST API)
  • Dev: Ignore filename rules for PSR-4 classes. #2967 (Build)
  • Fix: Catch notices that are hooked earlier than priority 10. #2981
  • Dev: Category Lookup Table – Fix Category Segments #2253
  • Performance: add caching layer to analytics. #2970 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Replace lodash isFinite() with native Number.isFinite() #2977 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Fix conflict with Blocks 2.4 #2846
  • Dev: Add filter to notes datastore where clauses. #2819
  • Dev: Copy component READMEs to docs folder before GH page deploy. #2952 (Build)
  • Dev: Add GitHub pages deploy step to Travis config. #2940 (Build, Documentation)
  • Dev: Fix plugin installation when working from a push instead of a pull request. #2950 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix pull request branch detection on CI (try #2) #2944 (Build)
  • Dev: Only build pushes to main branch. #2941 (Build)
  • Performance: reduce JS bundle size. #2933 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix pull request branch detection on CI #2942 (Build)
  • Dev: refresh component documentation #2872 (Build, Components, Documentation, Packages)
  • Dev: Simplified intervals_missing method of DataStore class #2920 👏 @codemascot
  • Dev: Simplified intervals_missing method of TimeInterval class #2920 👏 @codemascot

0.19.0 2019-09-24

  • Dev: Use upstream webpack-rtl-plugin #2870 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix variable name typo #2922
  • Fix: persist date_last_active for customer reports #2881 (Analytics) 👏 @cojennin
  • Tweak: consistent naming for report columns. #2845 (Design)
  • Tweak: schedule customer lookup table updates instead of running during checkout. #2832
  • Tweak: have Import note action scroll to import section of settings screen. #2799 (Activity Panel, Components, Inbox, Packages)
  • Bug: Fix chart type buttons misalignment #2871 (Components, Packages)
  • Updated to color-studio v2 and refreshed the color scheme #2837 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Tweak: change report charts filter name. #2843 (Components, Documentation, Packages)
  • Dev: Update no data message in table #2854 (Components, Packages)

0.18.0 2019-08-28

  • Fix: Product in dropdown clickable in FF/Safari #2839 (Components, Packages) 👏 @cojennin
  • Fix: gross order total calculation. #2817 (Analytics)
  • Fix: Date calculation on notes being double adjusted to UTC. #2818 (Inbox)
  • Bug: Orders report now shows coupons in Coupon(s) column #2812 (Analytics) 👏 @cojennin
  • Fix: Bug navigating from DevDoc component pages to WP dashboard pages. #2827 (Documentation)
  • Enhancement: add Facebook extension inbox note. #2798 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
  • Enhancement: handle simple to variable product changes in reports. #2814 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Release Scripts: Update to reflect refactor #2796 (Build)
  • Fix: Import all used Gutenberg component styles. #2679
  • Fix: report column visibility preference bug. #2806 (Analytics, Components, Packages, Settings)
  • Dev: Components: prepare changelogs for release #2802 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Fix: remove date picker from Customers Report. #2805 (Analytics)
  • Tweak: add empty dataset treatment for report tables. #2801 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Search List Control: fix long count values cut-off in IE11 #2783 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Update List actionable items to be wrapped with Link #2779 (Components, Packages)

0.17.0 2019-08-15

  • Fix: chart data fetch/render over long time periods #2785 (Analytics)
  • Task: update the class filename exclusion to /src/ for PSR-4 #2794
  • Tweak: Increase zIndex on popover elements. #2777
  • Fix: chart display when comparing categories. #2710 (Analytics)
  • Fix: Allow WooCommerce Admin to be deleted through the plugin screen when WooCommerce is not active. #2762
  • Fix: Charts being partially rendered on long time periods. #2776 (Analytics)
  • Task: update WC tested to version to 3.7.0 #2782
  • Fix: Customer last active date showing Invalid date. #2764 (Analytics)
  • Task: Update report endpoints to be PSR-4 autoloaded #2755 (Build)
  • Bug: Fix daily cron event (PSR-4) #2754 (Build)
  • Fix: issue where product category update button was not always clickable #2753
  • Fix: Add version parameter to _doing_it_wrong on current_screen. #2733
  • Task: Update feature classes to be PSR-4 autoloaded. #2736 (Build)
  • Fix: Short circuit admin title filter when applied by third parties too early. #2744
  • Fix: chart display when comparing categories. #2708 (Analytics)
  • Bug: Only apply current submenu CSS reset on non-embed pages. #2687
  • Dev: Add wc_admin_get_feature_config filter to feature config array. #2689

0.16.0 2019-07-24

  • Tweak: Change verbiage of feedback notification. #2677
  • Dev: Update unit tests to work with PHPUnit 7+. #2678
  • Fix: Bug that was preventing confirmation dialog from showing after saving settings. #2660
  • Fix: completed orders lingering in activity panel. #2659 (Activity Panel, REST API)
  • Dev: Webpack: Use wp.url instead of bundling package #2663 (Build)
  • Fix: Location of unread indicators in activity panel. #2662
  • Bug: Fix missing nav on connected admin pages. #2676
  • Task: Add priority 2 Tracks events #2633 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Replace ’stringifyQuery‘ with ‚addQueryArgs‘ #2655 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Task: Add priority 3 Tracks events #2638 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Z-index issue in empty message on chart #2646 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Tests setup: bring in Woo Core dependencies #2640 (Build)
  • Fix: Disable placeholder animation when prefers-reduced-motion is set #2645 (Accessibility)
  • Task: Add instructions for translating to contributing docs. #2618 (Documentation)
  • Dev: show example extension list as list in readme #2619 (Documentation)
  • Fix: react-spring breaking IE11 #2698 (Build)

0.15.0 2019-07-11

  • Fix: Compare checkboxes in report tables #2571
  • Dev: Introduce a new Products by Tag(s) block #554
  • Dev: Tracks: Fix Link onclick #2594 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Use correct links in DevDocs. #2602 (Documentation)
  • Fix: Prevent error when no actionable order statuses are set #2577
  • Fix: exclude old WC auto-draft orders from import #2612 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Fix: propType validation warnings on embedded pages #2607
  • Fix: Only calculate one order row when the order has multiple coupons. #2484 (Analytics)
  • Fix: Cast is_snoozable as int prior to database save #2573
  • Performance: check for scheduled snooze action once per hour instead of every admin request. #2593
  • Fix: Update layout of Settings Page and notify users when settings are not saved. #2544
  • Dev: Update color-studio to 1.0.5 #2575 (Build, Packages)
  • Task: Add tracks event to Store Alert and Inbox Notification action clicks #2559
  • Fix: Change size of Header to 56px – fixes bug in product edit page toolbar being hidden.
  • Dev: Add countLabel prop to SearchListItem #2569 (Components, Packages)
  • Task: Send tracks event for snoozing store alerts. #2560
  • Fix: Stock notifs: fix low_stock_amount for variations #2546
  • Enhancement: Add Report CSV Export Endpoint #2526 (Analytics, REST API)
  • Tweak: remove placeholder link. #2561
  • Fix: WordPress Notifications Activity Panel falsely saying there are notices to be seen. #2552
  • Dev: Route handling: Remove hash in favor of path parameter #2444 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Customizable dashboard: handle turned off feature flag #2548
  • Dev: Dashboard: Add Tracks events #2550 (Dashboard)
  • Task: Tracks: Add chart and table events #2557
  • Fix: Fixes issue with alerts on mobile #2537
  • Bug: Fix batch queue range bug. #2521
  • Dev: Advanced Filters: Add Tracks events #2525 (Components, Packages)
  • Tweak: Open external note action links in a new tab #2462 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
  • Tweak: fix some report endpoint default params. #2496 (REST API)
  • Enhancement: Remove updated stock products from Activity Panel #2442 (Activity Panel)
  • Fix: Track name for activity panel open event #2532
  • Enhancement: Add Reports CSV Exporter Class #2502 (Analytics)
  • Fix: margins on non-update notices. #2487 👏 @benignant
  • Enhancement: add state/region to Customers Report. #2463 (Analytics) 👏 @KZeni

0.14.0 2019-06-24

  • Dev: Action Scheduler: fix potential endless sync #2425
  • Dev: Fix Activity Panel being overlapped by editor toolbar #2446 (Activity Panel)
  • Bug: add match=any support for advanced orders table filter #2228
  • Dev: update tested to version in plugin repo readme.txt #2443
  • Fix: PHP errors on missing refund orders during import. #2464 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Allow keyboard interaction in Stock Activity Panel form #2447 (Accessibility, Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Activity Panels: Add track event when panels are opened. #2498 (Build)
  • Dev: Add wp-api-fetch script to dependencies #2460
  • Dev: Remove the „wpClosedMenu“ page setting #2441 (Build)
  • Enhancement: Report Tables: Add example extension #2440 (Build, Components, Extensibility, Packages)
  • Fix: fix type in readme changelog for 0.13.0 #2457 (Documentation)
  • Tweak: Add test to catch missing version updates. #2424 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix revenue and orders charts using the wrong endpoint in the Dashboard #2417 (Dashboard)
  • Fix: handle internal rest_do_request() error conditions. #2423 (Dashboard)
  • Dev: Fix conflicts with WordPress.com toolbar #2431 (Activity Panel)
  • Task: Remove test menu from Orders panel #2438 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Table queries: remove befor/after from no interval endpoints #2422
  • Tweak: Reduce style dependencies on WP core, avoid errantly including WP core’s Google Fonts. #2432 (Components)
  • Dev: Update Dashboard Charts naming and order #2429 (Dashboard)
  • Bug: Fix search bar in Orders page not being tapable on mobile #2384

0.13.2 2019-06-13

  • Fix: Erweiterung der Plugin-Version für das Datenbank-Update.

0.13.1 2019-06-12

  • Fix: Beende frühzeitig, wenn WooCommerce nicht aktiv ist. #2410

0.13.0 2019-06-12

  • Fix: Notizen: Update des Links zum Verkaufsrekord #2397
  • Enhancement: Settings: Add default date settings #2292 (Components, Dashboard, Packages)
  • Dev: Add tracks to import jobs #2193
  • Dev: Notes: Add filters to disable milestone and sales record notes. #2227
  • Enhancement: Trigger an action server side when admin note actions are clicked #2325
  • Dev: Fix Activity Panel layout on mobile #2405 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Add uninstall file to release ZIP #2402 (Build)
  • Bug: Fix wrong average numbers in chart legends #2352 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Add date_created_gmt property to orders endpoint #2086 (Activity Panel)
  • Enhancement: Add progress bars to Historical Data Import screen #2312
  • Bug: Fix some data not to being imported when ’skip_existing‘ option is enabled #2385
  • Fix: Double space at 191 row #2369 👏 @shoheitanaka
  • Enhancement: Only show unactioned notes in the Inbox panel. #2327 (Inbox)
  • Bug: Don’t create Notices tab in Activity Panel if notices HTML element was removed by a plugin #2378
  • Tweak: Allow paragraph tags in admin notes. #2344 (Inbox)
  • Tweak: Allow note action URLs to be empty. #2324 (Inbox)
  • Bug: Prevent inactive tabs from making requests #2377
  • Task: Remove second beta warning from readme #2362
  • Fix: Misspelling at update config.js #2368 👏 @shoheitanaka
  • Dev: Transpile newspack-components package #2348 (Build)
  • Dev: Low stock handling inconsistencies with WooCommerce 3.6+ #2191
  • Dev: Remove d3-array dependency #2286 (Build)
  • Dev: Dashboard Extentions: Add a section #2280 (Build, Components, Extensibility, Packages)
  • Fix: Move StoreAlerts below screen meta links on embed pages. #2291
  • Fix: Extensions: fix registering a page #2301 (Extensibility)
  • Dev: Fix box-shadow-8dp error. #2290 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Dashboard Extension Example: Make namespace unique #2302 (Extensibility)
  • Dev: Persisted Queries: Avoid adding to non time related screens #2225 (Build)
  • Dev: Remove customizable dashboard heading #2321 (Dashboard)
  • Bug: Add missing space in Orders Activity Panel card #2306 (Activity Panel)
  • Aufgabe: Beta-Warnung aus der Readme entfernen. #2340
  • Dev: Dashboard: Erweiterung der Diagrammdaten #2258 (Dashboard, Erweiterbarkeit)
  • Handle WC_Admin_Notices. #2245 (Aktivitätsanzeige, beim Zusammenführen mit dem WC-Core)
  • Fehler: Ausschließen von automatischen Entwürfen und abgebrochenen Aufträgen vom Import. #2265
  • Fix: wc-api: Referenz auf Import-Update-Funktionen entfernen #2277 (Dashboard)
  • Verbesserung: Unterstützung für „primäre” Admin-Benachrichtigungsaktionen hinzugefügt. #2269
  • Verbesserung: Erlaube Links im Inhalt der Admin-Hinweise. #2272
  • Fix: Entferne fehlerhafte Import-Updates aus wp-api spec. #2271
  • Dev: Schließe den Import-/Summenendpunkt für den Import historischer Daten an. #2208
  • Fix: Refactor main file into singleton class structure #2226

0.12.0 2019-05-14

  • Fix: dashboard issues #2194
  • Fix: Dashboard: re-arrange section dropdown order #2216
  • Fix: Refactor page handler API #2209
  • Fix: EllipsisMenu misalignment in wide containers #2207
  • Dev: Handle “all guests” when getting customers from orders. #2038
  • Dev: Order milestones: prevent order count queries from being issues on every request. #2224
  • Dev: Replace Rebuild reports settings with Import Historical Data #2198
  • Dev: add a defaultValue parameter to the ReportFilters component #2150 👏 @rrennick
  • Dev: Record refunds separate from order entries #2083
  • Dev: Add refund filtering to order reports #2179
  • Dev: Hook up API Historical Data screen to API endpoints #2177
  • Fix: Show Y grid ticks/lines in charts where all values are lower than 1 #2147
  • Fix: Dashboard: Rename class/feature to remove conflict with legacy dashboard widget #2138
  • Fix: add defaultOrder field to tablecard header #2139 👏 @rrennick
  • Fix: Travis: Exit scripts with error when one occurs #2184
  • Dev: Save section/block preferences in user data #2148
  • Fix: Vertically center Dashboard ‚Add more‘ button #2171
  • Fix: Don’t make an API call when there are no performance indicators #2157
  • Dev: Add Historical Data Import Screen #2073
  • Fix: Fix customer type filter param in orders report #2169
  • Dev: EllipsisMenu: Refactor children to renderContent #2154
  • Dev: Dashboard: Section add, remove, move up, and move down #2134
  • Fix: Persist chart interval in Dashboard #2156
  • Dev: Allow renaming Dashboard sections #2131
  • Dev: Add import endpoint and controller #2034
  • Fix: Prevent chart type buttons breaking in two lines #2135
  • Dev: Support Sequential Order Numbers in Downloads Report order number filter #1907
  • Dev: Scroll to top of the table when navigating table pages #2051
  • Dev: Fügt leeren Status für die Reviews-Panels #2124 hinzu.

0.11.0 2019-04-17

  • Dev: Extend report submenu items #2033
  • Dev: Extension Examples #2018
  • Dev: Update admin notes readme #2043
  • Dev: Add profile wizard base page #1933
  • Dev: Method to publish core ready features #1863
  • Dev: Add PHP autofix to pre-commit hook #2022
  • Dev: PHP Lint fixes #2023
  • Dev: Update Link in readme to Proper Location #2026
  • Dev: Split D3Chart utils/axis file #2000
  • Dev: Remove coupon_total from order stats table #1975
  • Fix: Transpile acorn-jsx package #2064
  • Fix: Inbox: Giving Feedback Notice #2019 👏 @Mr-AjayM
  • Fix: Check if welcome message notice exists before creating it #2063
  • Fix: Respect manual offsets in default before/after params #2035
  • Fix: Fix wrong dates in Reviews and Orders panels of the Activity Panel #2013
  • Fix: Make customer name extendable #1976
  • Fix: center mobile icon vertically #1990 👏 @rrennick
  • Fix: search filter focus #1994
  • Fix: Fix date filter layout on Android #1996
  • Fix: Order Status filter: is not vertically aligned #1971 👏 @dinhtungdu
  • Fix: add filter length condition to enable filter check #1983 👏 @rrennick
  • Fix: lookup product title in order meta if product has been deleted #1977 👏 @rrennick
  • Fix: Cast order totals as floats when calculating net total #1945
  • Enhancement: Add empty state in Stock panel #2049
  • Enhancement: Add empty state in Orders panel #2037
  • Enhancement: Hook up Stock panel #1998
  • Enhancement: Add order milestone notifications. #1872
  • Enhancement: Add leaderboard controller and endpoint #1995
  • Enhancement: Hook up leaderboards endpoint to dashboard #2004
  • Enhancement: Activity Panel: Add a mobile app note #2008
  • Enhancement: Scroll to top only when URL changes #1989
  • Enhancement: Allow negative values in charts #1979

0.10.0 2019-04-02

  • Dev: Properly namespaced methods in wc-admin.php. props @ronakganatra9 #1804
  • Dev: Changed text-domain to woocommerce-admin #1795
  • Dev: Updates to plugin header #1764
  • Dev: Clear scheduled actions on plugin deactivate #1715
  • Dev: Refactor getFilterQuery #1873
  • Dev: Update npm dependencies #1913
  • Fix: ESLint error in leaderboards #1914
  • Fix: REST API Requests failing with isUnboundedRequest #1954
  • Fix: Bugs in Reviews panel #1947
  • Fix: Scroll to top of page when changing reports #1958
  • Fix: Update variations controller filter names #1949
  • Fix: Sku sorting in variations report #1952 #1801 props @ronakganatra9
  • Fix: REST API customers exact match filters
  • Fix: EmptyContent on narrow viewports #1703
  • Fix: Empty chart and summary numbers in Categories Report #1698
  • Fix: Display chart and summary numbers placeholders when loading search terms #1694
  • Fix: Display order number on reports #1706
  • Fix: Missing Date Picker Calendar in RTL #1810
  • Fix: Circles on chart hover #1816
  • Fix: Date Range dropdown for RTL locales #1803
  • Fix: Sorting by tax_code in Taxes Report #1811
  • Fix: Charts in RTL locales #1794
  • Fix: RTL css #1781
  • Fix: CSS Lint issues in store-alerts #1793
  • Fix: Products stats segmentation when filtering categories #1779
  • Fix: Remove timezone from appendTimestamp() output #1778
  • Fix: REST API Make variations and coupons endpoints return zero-value items #1765
  • Fix: REST API make categories return zero-value items #1755
  • Fix: REST API Make products and rates endpoints return zero-value items #1722
  • Fix: Taxes report, sort taxes numerically #1766
  • Fix: Chart comparison mode single category #1762
  • Fix: Simplify options in filters #1748
  • Fix: Show compared keys in chart legends even if their values are 0 #1754
  • Fix: IE11 Leaderboard issue
  • Fix: Use IDs instead of labels to identify chart legend items #1730
  • Fix: Update table columns visibility when loading finishes #1729
  • Fix: Update chart colors #1731
  • Fix: Date Picker css tabs #1717
  • Fix: Infinite loop in customer population #1936
  • Fix: PHP notices on orders data store #1870
  • Fix: Table links to internal reports #1824
  • Accessibility: Add button focus style to report chart interval selector #1740
  • Enhancement: Add „Cancel All“ method to ActionScheduler Store #1813
  • Enhancement: Add store notice for processing historical data #1763
  • Enhancement: Ensure other scheduled actions are claimed before WC Admin actions #1759
  • Enhancement: Load on hold reviews in the Activity Panel: #1871
  • Enhancement: Add overlay to Product Placeholder image #1880
  • Enhancement: Added „Remind me later“ ability to StoreAlert component #1848
  • Enhancement: Set reviews Activity Panel unread indicator based off REST API data #1824
  • Enhancement: Set orders Activity Panel unread indicator based off REST API data #1860
  • Enhancement: Hide Reviews Activity Panel if reviews are disabled #1852
  • Enhancement: Lookup product title in order meta if product has been deleted #1977
  • Performance: Avoid un-needed chart re-renders #1780
  • Performance: Don’t run lookup table historical population on activation of plugin #1741
  • Performance: Don’t dispatch REST API requests when window/tab is hidden #1732
  • Performance: Only check for unsnooze note on admin_init #1960

0.8.0 – 2019-02-28

  • Table Component: Reset search on compare
  • MenuItem Component: Added isCheckBox prop
  • a11y: Enhancements to “Rows per Table” on the dashboard
  • Taxes Report: Fix comparison mode and segmentation labels
  • Fix css linter errors
  • Test Framework: Require WordPress 5.0 or greater to run phpunit
  • Table Component: Fix search positioning in small viewports
  • Chart Component: Preserve chart colors bug fix
  • Navigation: Close wp-admin menu when navigating between reports in narrow viewports
  • Analytics: Don’t show variation table when in an active search
  • Dashboard: Fix for style of summary number placeholders
  • Downloads/Customers Report: Fix for filters
  • Product Variation name format now matches Woo core
  • phpcs fixes in unit tests
  • Chart: Mouse pointer now displayed in entire clickable area
  • Analytics: Sort tabular data when selecting a Summary Number
  • Chart: Fixes for the legend totals
  • Build: Move IE11 css to specific css file
  • Downloads Report: Fix for sorting bug
  • Stock Report: fix the product link
  • Chart: Refactor of d3 logic
  • Autocompleter: Increase debounce time to reduce API requests
  • Segmented Selection Component: fix for missing borders
  • Chart: Add messaging when no data is available for selected filters
  • Setup: Improvements to install flow