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The WP Auto Republish plugin helps revive old posts by resetting the published date to the current date. This will push old posts to your front page, the top of archive pages, and back into RSS feeds. Ideal for sites with a large repository of evergreen content.

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Why would you want to do this? Here are a few reasons:

  1. New visitors to your site haven’t seen your old content. This will help them discover it.
  2. Old content won’t show up in date-based searches on search engines, but resetting the date can make them look fresh again.
  3. People like to share and link to new content, and they determine that by looking at the publication date.
  4. It will highlight older posts by moving them back to front page and in the RSS feed.
  5. WP Auto Republish will improve your blog visibility, traffic and SEO!
  6. And also Google likes updated content if it’s done right.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin helps revive old posts by resetting the published date to the current date and push old posts to your front page, the top of archive pages, and back into RSS feeds.

Note: All basic functionality is FREE. Features such as single post republishing, auto social share, repeated republishing & triggering publish events are available in the Premium Edition.

Key Features

  • Automatically republish your all posts.
  • Set minimum republish interval and randomness interval.
  • Display original publication date Before/After post.
  • Exclude or include posts by category or tags.
  • Force exclude/include posts by their ID.
  • Can select post in ASC / DESC order.
  • Compatible with any timezone.
  • Automatically purge site cache (limited) after republishing.

Premium Features

  • Supports all free version features.
  • Automatic Social Media Share.
  • Custom post types support.
  • Custom taxonomies support.
  • Individual post republishing (also supports repeated).
  • Scheduled post republishing.
  • Date & time based republishing.
  • Custom post republish interval.
  • Custom title for each republish event.
  • Trigger publish event at the time of republish.
  • Automatic Site or Single Post Cache Purge Support (supports most of the cache plugins and hosting platforms)
  • Custom date range for republishing.
  • Can use dates in post permalinks.
  • Change Post Status after Last Republish.
  • One click instant republish.
  • Show all republished history in logs.
  • Can use dates in post permalinks.
  • Can change the post name on every republish.
  • Shows all single upcoming republication in a dashboard widget.
  • Shows single republication info in a admin column.
  • Can hide last original published info from frontend.

Upgrade to WP Auto Republish Premium now. You can also upgrade to Premium Version directly from your dashboard.

Free and Premium Support

Support for the WP Auto Republish plugin on the WordPress forums is free.

Premium world-class support is available via email to all WP Auto Republish Premium customers.

Note: Paid customers support is always given priority over free support. Paid customers support is provided via one-to-one email. Upgrade to Premium to benefit from priority support.


  • This plugin is tested with W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, Cachify, Comet Cache, Zen Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, SG Optimizer, HyperCache, Cache Enabler, Swift Performance Lite, Nginx Cache, Proxy Cache, Nginx Helper Cache, Autoptimize, Breeze (Cloudways), Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and WP Engine and fully compatible with WordPress Version 4.7 and beyond and also compatible with any WordPress theme.





  • WP Auto Republish - General Tab.
  • WP Auto Republish - Post Options Tab.


  1. Visit ‚Plugins > Add New‘
  2. Search for ‚WP Auto Republish‘ and install it.
  3. Or you can upload the wp-auto-republish folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory manually.
  4. Activate WP Auto Republish from your Plugins page.
  5. After activation go to ‚Settings > WP Auto Republish‘.
  6. Configure settings according to your need and save changes.

  7. Configure plugins settings according to your need and save changes.


How to customize original post publication date format on frontend?

To customize original post publication date, you need to add this following snippet to the end of your active theme’s functions.php file:

function wpar_override_time_format() {
    return 'F jS, Y \a\t h:i a';
add_filter( 'wpar/published_date_format', 'wpar_override_time_format' );

Will it work with my theme?

Yes, our plugins work independently of themes you are using. As long as your website is running on WordPress, it will work.

Are posts duplicated?

By default, no. But you can configure it from plugin settings. The date on posts is updated to the current date making a post appear new. URLs don’t change and comments continue to display with the post.

Doesn’t changing the timestamp affect permalinks that include dates?

Yes, permalinks with dates would be affected only in free version. This plugin shouldn’t be used if your permalinks include dates since those dates will change when a post is republished. But in Premium version it is possible to use dates in permalinks.


12. August 2021
i thought i buy the pro plugin and get some support. there is almost no support. truly horrible. don't buy it if you need support! and you will need it if you have some custom post types.
20. August 2021
[01-08-2021] As we automatically post our products to the largest, local market place (of used products) where advertisements get refreshed/ republished every month, I looked for a plugin that could do this in our own catalogue too. WP Republish does this very well (and so much more, if needed). Little improvement, would be compatibility with Plainview Broadcast, as we broadcast products to several child sites, to split up the main product range. Something - I was told - that is being worked on 😉 [20-08-2021] As of today, I have to reset my review: Just over a month ago, we bought this plugin. Today, needing some assistance, Sayan Datta seems to be vanished: as the website, email addresses no longer seem to work. What happened? 2 Stars, as the plugin does what is should .. but for how long, now support (development?) is - I might say - quite unexpectedly, discontinued?!
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Release Date: 25th December, 2021

  • Fixed: Republish not working after last update.


Release Date: 23rd December, 2021

  • Fixed: Activation issue.
  • Updated Libraries.
  • Bug Fixes.

Release Date: 24th March, 2021

Premium Version

  • Fixed: Twitter invalid image path issue.
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error on some installations.


Release Date: 18th March, 2021

Premium Version

  • Added: Option to use Republish Rules.
  • Added: Option to set per social account sharing template.
  • Fixed: A bug where sometimes required post metas got deleted upon post save.

Free Version

  • Other improvements and fixes.


Release Date: 6th March, 2021

  • Added: Improvements and fixes.


Release Date: 28th February, 2021

  • Fixed: Database Table not found error.


Release Date: 23rd February, 2021

Premium Version

  • Added: Social Media Share Feature is added.
  • Added: Compatibility with Jetpack auto social share.
  • Fixed: PHP error in Dashboard Widget if this plugin is installed on WordPress version < 5.3.0.
  • Fixed: Wrong date showing if Weekly republish is set on post edit screen.
  • Tweak: Added some CSS imporvements.
  • Tweak: Moved Single Republish Settings to a new seperate tab.
  • Other Free version & Misc improvements and fixes.

Free Version

  • Added: Action Schedular to Handle Post republishing more efficiently.
  • Added: A Health Check mechanism to properly handle the missed schedule issue.
  • Added: A Documentation and Faqs link as Plugin Tab.
  • Properly handled the plugin uninstall actions to reduce the server load.
  • Remove filter for 5 star rating from review link.
  • Other improvements and fixes.
  • Tested with WordPress v5.7.
  • Freemius SDK update.


Release Date: 11th Novemober, 2020

  • Fixed: Mising variable bug and date calculation.
  • Freemius SDK update.

1.2.0 /

Release Date: 9th October, 2020

Premium Version

  • Added: Option to set custom republish interval.
  • Added: Option to disable republish randomness interval.
  • Added: Option to remove post age and to set custom post age.
  • Fixed: Orderby query is not working if Random Selection was selected.
  • Added: Ability to last hours to get most recent published posts.
  • Fixed: Taxonomies were showing wrong in plugin dropdown settings.
  • Added: Option to enable/disable post row action republish links.
  • Added: Scheduled republishing feature. Please check tahp tab for more details.
  • Added: Advanced republish log feature to track every event more efficiently.
  • Added: An option to view pending republish posts from All Posts page.
  • Fixed: Admin column was not showing proper republish infomation.
  • Fixed: High memory usage and freeze issue if republish start date is very far than current date.
  • Tweak: Single republishing with 1 to 4 minutes interval is removed by default. But it can be enabled by filter.
  • Added: Option to clear post metas for debug purposes and to copy/paste plugin settings.
  • Preparing for upcoming Features to handle Post Republish more efficiently. And Social Share is coming soon in the Premium Version 🙂

Free Version

  • Added: A guide to help users to configure the plugin easily.
  • Tweak: It is now designed in a way to easily work with any server enviroment.
  • Optimized codes to handle republish process more efficiently to avoid event missing issue.
  • Remove filter for 5 star rating from review link.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Other Versions