Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.



Display multiple animated counters into your WordPress site.


The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg, so you can add the custom block called CountUp to your posts and pages. Check the wiki for more details.


It’s very easy to use this plugin, you can use the shortcode after install it, but there are two ways to use the plugin:

The first way is:

[countup start="your-value" end="your-value" decimals="your-value" duration="your-value"]

The second way. To use this format you need to check the Use the end number inside the shortcode? setting in the plugin option page:

[countup start="the-start-number" decimals="your-value" duration="your-value"]the-end-number[/countup]


You can use the shortcode in two ways, as mentioned before. If you are using the first way:

[countup start="0" end="55" decimals="2" duration="5" prefix="my_prefix" scroll="false"]

If you are using the second way (remember to check the Use the end number inside the shortcode?):

[countup start="0" decimals="2" duration="5"]55[/countup]

Copy and paste any example in one of your posts and test.

Available Attributes

The shortcode and Gutenberg block accepts the next arguments:

  • decimals – Puts the desired decimals into your counter.
  • delay – Set a delay in milliseconds to start the counter.
  • duration – The counter duration represented by a number (seconds).
  • easing – Easing the counter.
  • end – A number to end (arrive) the counter.
  • grouping – Groups the content into sections (eg. 1,000 vs 1000).
  • prefix – A text as counter prefix.
  • reset – Reset the counter after view.
  • scroll – If true, start the counter when the user visualize it.
  • separator – You can use a separator (default is comma).
  • start – A number to start the counter.
  • suffix – A text as counter suffix.


You know how to use the plugin now, but you can still edit some options inside of the plugin settings page (Go to Settings->CountUP.js).

Inside of the settings page, you can find the next settings:

  • Easing: Easing the counter.
  • Grouping: Groups the content into sections (eg. 1,000 vs 1000).
  • Separator: You can use a separator (default is comma).
  • Decimal: Symbol to use for decimal spot (default is dot).
  • Prefix: Character(s) at beginning of string.
  • Suffix: Character(s) at the end of string.


  • Screenshot-1: Output counters on the site.
  • Screenshot-2: Shortcode example.
  • Screenshot-3: Plugin options page.
  • Screenshot-4: CountUp.js Options inside shortcode.
  • Screenshot-5: Output counters on the site with individual prefix and suffix.


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.

  • CountUp


  1. Install the plugin via WordPress Plugin Installer.
  2. Aktiviere das PlugIn über die Plugin-Verwaltung in WordPress.
  3. Go to „Settings“->“CountUP.js“ menu to configure options of the plugin.


4. Dezember 2021 1 Antwort
Light plugin, simple to use, works on all browsers, and fast support. Perfect! Thanks!
7. April 2021 4 Antworten
Sadly, this plug uses the „target-densitydpi“ key which is no longer supported on chrome so it generates errors and simply stops running.
14. Februar 2018 1 Antwort
It works! Easy to use and has all the options you need, and does exactly what it is supposed to.
3. April 2017 22 Antworten
Hi Roel, Thanks for this plugin. Its very easy to use. However, I had a few feature requests: I want the counter to run on a decimal number. Something like 0 to 2.5 in 1 second. I tried using [countup start=“0″ end=“2.5″ decimals=“1″ scroll=“true“ duration=“1″], but that ends at 25 instead of 2.5 I want a suffix, but want it in a slighly smaller size than the number. So in 2.5 Lakh, Lakh needs to be in a smaller font. If I put it outside the counter div, it goes to the next line. Is it possible to have run the counter whenever someone scrolls up and down and comes to that section? If these features are already available, pls let me know how to implement them. Thanks! Priyanka
1. April 2017 2 Antworten
This plugin is the only one out there that allows you to use dynamic number directly from the database by using shortcode within a shortcode. For instance [countup start=“1″ decimals=“0″ duration=“5″][users_count][/countup] Thank you for adding this functionality. That person who gave you 4 stars needs to resubmit his review as it was his only reason for not giving you 5 stars! I’d give you 6 stars to cover it 😉 Thanks again!
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  • IMPROVE: Remove Gutenberg dependencies, those aren’t needed anymore.


  • FIX: Decimal counters shows as integers instead of floats.


  • FIX: JavaScript file wasn’t loading properly in some posts and pages for shortcodes.


  • FIX: Main script was loading as type JavaScript instead of Module.


  • Compatible with Gutenberg. Now the plugin has its own Gutenberg Block.