Database Backup for WordPress


Database Backup for WordPress allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database.

Released under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.

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  1. Wähle das Werkzeuge- oder Verwaltungs-Menü in Deinem WordPress Backend.
  2. Wähle das Backup Untermenü.

  3. The plugin will look for other tables in the same database. You may elect to include other tables in the backup.
    ** NOTE **
    Including other tables in your backup may substantially increase the size of the backup file!
    This may prevent you from emailing the backup file because it’s too big.

  4. Wähle wie du das Backup übertragen möchtest:

* Download to your computer : this will send the backup file to your browser to be downloaded
* Email : this will email the backup file to the address you specify

  1. Wähle „Backup!“ und deine Datenbank wird übertragen.

The filename of the backup file will be of the form
DB = the name of your WordPress database, as defined in wp-config.php
prefix = the table prefix for this WordPress blog, as defined in wp-config.php
date = CCYYmmdd_B format: 20050711_039
the „B“ is the internet „Swatch“ time.
See the PHP date() function for details.

Wenn das Datenbank Backup per Email verschickt oder über den Browser heruntergeladen wurde, wird die Backup Datei direkt nach der Übertragung vom Server gelöscht.


If you are using WordPress version 2.1 or newer, you can schedule automated backups to be sent to the email address
of your choice.


Thanks to following people for providing translation files for Database Backup for WordPress:
* Abel Cheung
* Alejandro Urrutia
* Alexander Kanakaris
* Angelo Andrea Iorio
* Calle
* Daniel Erb
* Daniel Villoldo
* Diego Pierotto
* Eilif Nordseth
* Eric Lassauge
* Friedlich
* Gilles Wittezaele
* Icemanpro
* İzzet Emre Erkan
* Jong-In Kim
* Kaveh
* Kessia Pinheiro
* Kuratkoo
* Majed Alotaibi
* Michał Gołuński
* Michele Spagnuolo
* Paopao
* Philippe Galliard
* Robert Buj
* Roger
* Rune Gulbrandsøy
* Serge Rauber
* Sergey Biryukov
* Tai
* Timm Severin
* Tzafrir Rehan
* 吴曦

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filosofo, skippy, Firas, LaughingLizard, MtDewVirus, Podz, Ringmaster


  1. Den wp-db-backup/ Ordner nach /wp-content/plugins/ entpacken.
  2. Das Plugin im Backend im Bereich -> Plugins aktivieren
  3. Das Plugin wird versuchen das Verzeichnis /wp-content/backup-*/ im WordPress-Verzeichnis anzulegen.
  4. You may need to make /wp-content writable (at least temporarily) for it to create this directory.
    For example:
    $ cd /wordpress/
    $ chgrp www-data wp-content (where „www-data“ is the group your FTP client uses)
    $ chmod g+w wp-content


Wie wird die Datenbank aus dem Backup wiederhergestellt?

Kurz gesagt, verwende phpMyAdmin, das in den meisten Hosting-Paketen enthalten ist. Mehr Details und Links zu weiteren Erklärungen hier.

Mein Backup stoppt oder hängt ohne abgeschlossen zu werden.

Wenn du die wp-db-backup.php in einem Texteditor wie Notepad öffnest, siehst du in etwa bei Zeile 50 folgendes:

* if the backup stops prematurely.
// define('DBBWP_MOD_EVASIVE_OVERRIDE', false);
define('DBBWP_MOD_EVASIVE_DELAY', '500');

Do what it says: un-comment DBBWP_MOD_EVASIVE_OVERRIDE and set it to true like so:


That will slow down the plugin, and you can slow it even further by increasing the DBBWP_MOD_EVASIVE_DELAY number from 500.

Better yet, put the lines that define the DBBWP_MOD_EVASIVE_OVERRIDE and DBBWP_MOD_EVASIVE_DELAY constants in your wp-config.php file, so your settings don’t get erased when you upgrade the plugin.

Wofür ist die wp-db-backup.pot?

This files is used by non-English users to translate the display into their native language. Translators are encouraged to submit translated files, which will be made available to others here:

Warum werden nur die Standard-Datenbank-Dateien mit der Voreinstellung gesichert?

Because it’s a fairly safe bet that the core WordPress files will be successfully backed up. Plugins vary wildly in the amount of data that they store. For instance, it’s not uncommon for some statistics plugins to have tens of megabytes worth of visitor statistics. These are not exactly essential items to restore after a catastrophic failure. Most poeple can reasonably live without this data in their backups.


6. Februar 2019
The backups went fine and I saved them on my computer. The problem came after my site went wonky and I tried to restore. Then I noticed that the "Restore" function is a premium addition. After a confused search in panic, I discovered the creators of this plugin have another plugin that restores for us poor sods who didn't go premium. This "Restore" plugin worked great. The support was TOP class. They answered my queries straight away and were very helpful.
20. Juni 2018
This plugin is awesome! It works beautifully. I just wish the automatic scheduled backups gave us the option to save the backups locally to a directory of our choice. I hope the developer(s) read this and continue to update the plugin.
7. Juni 2018
This is the first thing i see on all my pages: Notice: Undefined index: wp_db_temp_dir in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-db-backup/wp-db-backup.php on line 112
3. Juni 2018
This is an excellent database plugin. I have daily host-level backups, and once a month I take a full cPanel backup, but as a belt and braces approach I now have daily database backups being sent to an email address, and filtered to a backup folder. Hope I never need them, but if I do I will be relieved to see these archived.
30. April 2018
I've been using this plugin for a few years. No problems whatsoever. Yes, it might be a security issue to store the database on the server, so at least be aware of that. Other than this, the plugin is great.
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  • Compatibility with PHP 8 and WordPress 5.7
  • Fix email backup functionality
  • Fix for bug where backup file would be gzipped twice
  • Fixes for several PHP notices
  • Add DBBWP_ prefix to global constants


  • Verwendung eines Backup-Verzeichnisses entfernt


  • Veraltete Funktionen entfernt
  • Versucht nicht mehr, Dateien zu löschen, die es nicht gibt


  • Fehler bei der Nonce-Überprüfung behoben von Sergey Biryukov
  • Fehler bei der Größe von gzip-Dateien behoben
  • Styling-Verbesserungen
  • JavaScript-Fehler bei Mehrfach-Checkboxen behoben