Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

WP Essentials


All-in-one bundle of essential plugins and functions for all WordPress websites.

Features include:

Twitter Feed

  • Twitter feed shortcode and widget available.
  • WP Essentials uses the new Twitter 1.1 API.
  • Filter your Twitter feed by hashtags.
  • Cache system prevents API call limit.


  • Flickr feed shortcode and widget available.
  • Cache system prevents API call limit.
  • Comes with multiple options, including a custom image count and a ‚random image‘ feature.

Google Analytics

  • Allows you to add multiple tracking codes to all pages of your website.

Google Maps

  • Easily include multiple Google Maps throughout your site either as a shortcode or a sidebar widget.
  • Includes options for setting the address, zoom level, custom marker, etc.

The ‚Email‘ Button

  • The WYSIWYG editor comes with an email button for easily adding email links without any HTML knowledge.

Date Shortcode

  • Includes a simple shortcode for displaying today’s date.
  • Customise the date format to whatever you want.

Video Shortcode

  • Includes a simple shortcode for embedding any YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook videos anywhere on your website.

Get Shortcode

  • Utulise URL query strings with a simple shortcode.

The ‚Cleanup‘ function:

  • Sets search engine friendly permalink structure (if one hasn’t already been set)
  • Removes useless widgets from the dashboard
  • Removes superfluous meta tags from your theme head (including the WordPress version number)
  • Removes detailed login errors (for extra security)

The ‚User Roles‘ function:

  • Creates a new User Role and lets you customise their access rights.

Debug Mode

  • For developers, enable the debug mode to include detailed PHP errors when developing your theme.

WordPress Error Reporting

  • WP Essentials can alert you to several potential problems that are important for when a site goes live. (Ensuring robots aren’t blocked, etc.)

Media Image Quality

  • Change the quality of uploaded images to your website.

Custom Image Sizes

  • Add your own custom thumbnail sizes for your images.

Advanced PHP Functions

  • Custom Excerpt function lets you override the default WordPress excerpt with additional options.
  • A Get Image Source function lets you get the image URL for any image uploaded to WordPress at any custom thumbnail size.
  • An automatic link function lets you hyperlink any web or email addresses that may otherwise be plaintext.
  • A Relative Time function lets you display dates and times in a relative manner (i.e. ‚5 minutes ago‘).

And more…

We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions for adding new features to the plugin.

WP Essentails Premium

A Premium version of this plugin is also available.

Features include:

Twitter Feed

  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts.

Instagram Feed

  • Include an Instagram feed either as a shortcode or a sidebar widget anywhere throughout your website.
  • Includes a caching system to protect you from reaching your API call limit.
  • Comes with multiple options, including a custom image count and a ‚random image‘ feature.

Social Stream

  • Combine Twitter, Instagram and Flickr into one social stream feed.
  • Supports Isotope and infinite scrolling.

Login Notification

  • Users will be automatically emailed any time their account is used to log in.

Holding Page

  • Display a holding page with a custom title and message.
  • Password protect your settings.

Unlimited User Roles:

  • No restriction on the number of User Roles you can create.

The ‚Database‘ functions:

  • Allows you to email yourself a database backup at any time.
  • Includes an automatic weekly backup function that emails you with full database backups.

Styling Options

  • WP Essentials includes functions to render LESS or SASS files directly on the server before outputting the CSS to the browser.
  • Choose between CSS, LESS or SASS.

Get Shortcode

  • Utulise URL query strings with a simple shortcode.


  • Screenshots show to Admin options
  • Screenshots show to Admin options
  • Screenshots show to Admin options


  1. Upload the ‚wp-essentials‘ folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mit dem ‚Plugins‘-Menü in WordPress
  3. Go to WP Essentials page in the Admin menu and set up your options from there.


If you have any questions, please visit www.wp-essentials.net/docs.


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  • WordPress 4.6.1 compatible.
  • Plugin update to coincide with new website.
  • Removed Facebook Fanbox and added Facebook Page Plugin.
  • Removed custom font icons and replaced with Font Awesome.
  • Error reporting list now supports Font Awesome list icons.
  • Updated Flickr links to use user ID instead of username.
  • Media is now an option to turn on or off for tweets.
  • Fixed link_tweet() bug for auto-linking content.
  • Emoji support for Twitter.
  • Plugin page now loads help content dynamically. (Allows me to push docs data without plugin updates.)
  • Removed old naming convention for PHP functions.
  • Updated shortcodes to use ‚wpe_‘ naming convention.


  • WordPress 4.5.3 compatible.


  • WordPress 4.5 compatible.
  • Fixed IE wmode issue with embeded video.
  • Case-sensitive uploads are now independent of the „Clean Up“ function.


  • Deprecated video shortcode.
  • Updated Twitter feed to include media attachments.
  • Updated to 4.4 compatibility.


  • Fixed GA tracking code bug.


  • Updated GA tracking code
  • Added GA outbound link tracking


  • Expanded cropping options to Custom Image Sizes.
  • Added extra checks to avoid Mobile_Detect.php conflicts.


  • Fixed critical image quality bug.


  • Force lowercase names to file uploads.
  • Added Demographics support to Google Analytics.
  • Added HTTPS support.
  • Fixed ampersand bug in Twitter.


  • Fixed Flickr DB truncate bug.
  • Added new Custom Image Sizes option.
  • Removed frameBorder attribute from video iframes.


  • Upgraded to WordPress 4 compatibility.
  • Fixed Vimeo playback bug.
  • Rewrote Flickr functionality.


  • Fixed Admin menu font icon.


  • Added IP address to login notifications.
  • Added Submenu for better navigation.
  • Added Facebook Video support to [wpe_video] shortcode.


  • Replaced Glyphicons with font icons.


  • Added ‚None‘ option to Styling
  • Renamed PHP Function names to include wpe_ naming convention.
  • Fixed jQuery conflict bug with public JS.
  • Added responsive CSS to WP Essentials admin page.
  • Improved navigation when handling errors and warnings.


  • Increased Twitter count from 20 to 200.
  • Added Twitter interaction links.
  • Added Custom Marker option to Google Maps.


  • Added ‚admin‘ username check.
  • Added new Facebook Like Box options.
  • Tidied up Settings page.
  • Improved Twitter DB updates.


  • Added echo or return options to Excerpt function.
  • Fixed a bug to reduce database calls.
  • Updated to WordPress 3.8.1 compatibility.


  • Updated [video] shortcode to stop conflicting with the native WordPress shortcode.
  • Fixed Client Role bug which wouldn’t let new users add client roles.
  • Updated to WordPress 3.8 compatibility.


  • Added Sidebar Title options to the following Widgets: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Google Maps
  • Added the new User Roles function


  • Updated all links to wp-essentials.net


  • Fixed <PHP5.3 issue with a function in cleanup.php


  • Erstveröffentlichung