Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.



This plugin has, as input, the GPX file with the track you’ve made and as output it shows the map of the track and an interactive altitude graph (where available).

Now on github: https://github.com/devfarm-it/wp-gpx-maps
On github you can contribuite easly with your code

Fully configurable:
– Custom colors
– Custom icons
– Multiple language support

Supported charts:
– Altitude
– Speed
– Heart Rate
– Temperature
– Cadence
– Grade

NextGen Gallery Integration:

Display your NextGen Gallery images inside the map!
Even if you don’t have a gps camera, this plugin can retrive the image position starting from the image date and you gpx file.

Post Attachments Integration:

This version is extended by Stephan Klein (https://klein-gedruckt.de/2015/03/wordpress-plugin-wp-gpx-maps/) and supports displaying all images attached to a post without using NGG.

Translated into 14 languages:

  • Catalan ca
  • Dutch nl_NL
  • English (default)
  • French fr_FR
  • German de_DE
  • Hungarian hu_HU
  • Italian it_IT
  • Norwegian nb_NO
  • Polish pl_PL
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR
  • Russian ru_RU
  • Spanish es_ES
  • Swedish sv_SE
  • Turkish tr_TR
  • Bulgarian bg_BG
  • Slovak cs_CZ
  • Norwegian nb_NO
  • Japanese ja_JP

(many thanks to all guys who helped me with the translations)

  • iphone/ipad/ipod Compatible

Try this plugin: https://devfarm.it/wp-gpx-maps-demo/

Support Forum

Supported gpx namespaces are:

  1. http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0

  2. http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1

  3. http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3

  4. http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrackPointExtension/v1

Thanks to: www.securcube.net, www.devfarm.it


  • Simple Gpx
  • Gpx with waypoints
  • Admin area - List of tracks
  • Admin area - Settings
  • Altitude & Speed
  • Altitude & Speed & Hearth rate


  1. Use the classic wordpress plugin installer or copy the plugins folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mit dem ‚Plugins‘-Menü in WordPress

  3. Add the shortcode [sgpx gpx=“>relative path to your gpx<„] or [sgpx gpx=“>http://somesite.com/files/yourfile.gpx<„]


what are all available shortcode attributes?

The attributes are:

  1. gpx: relative path to gpx
  2. width: width in pixels
  3. mheight: map height
  4. gheight: graph height
  5. mtype: map available types are: HYBRID, ROADMAP, SATELLITE, TERRAIN, OSM1 (Open Street Map), OSM2 (Open Cycle Map), OSM3 (Hike & Bike), OSM4 (Open Cycle Map – Transport), OSM5 (Open Cycle Map – Landscape), OSM6 (MapToolKit – Terrain)
  6. waypoints: print the gpx waypoints inside the map (default is FALSE)
  7. donotreducegpx: print all the point without reduce it (default is FALSE)
  8. pointsoffset: skip points closer than XX meters(default is 10)
  9. uom: distance/altitude possible unit of measure are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (0 = meters, 1 = feet/miles, 2 = meters/kilometers, 3 = meters/nautical miles, 4 = meters/miles, 5 = feet/nautical miles)
  10. mlinecolor: map line color (default is #3366cc)
  11. glinecolor: altitude line color (default is #3366cc)
  12. showspeed: show speed inside the chart (default is FALSE)
  13. showhr: show heart rate inside the chart (default is FALSE)
  14. showele: show elevation data inside the chart (default is TRUE)
  15. showcad: show cadence inside the chart (default is FALSE)
  16. showgrade: show grade inside the chart (default is FALSE)
  17. glinecolorspeed: speed line color (default is #ff0000)
  18. glinecolorhr: heart rate line color (default is #ff77bd)
  19. glinecolorcad: cadence line color (default is #beecff)
  20. glinecolorgrade: grade line color (default is #beecff)
  21. uomspeed: unit of measure for speed are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (0 = m/s, 1 = km/h, 2 = miles/h, 3 = min/km, 4 = min/miles, 5 = Nautical Miles/Hour (Knots))
  22. chartFrom1: minimun value for altitude chart
  23. chartTo1: maxumin value for altitude chart
  24. chartFrom2: minimun value for speed chart
  25. chartTo2: maxumin value for speed chart
  26. startIcon: Start track icon
  27. endIcon: End track icon
  28. currentIcon: Current position icon (when mouse hover)
  29. waypointicon: waypoint custom icon
  30. nggalleries: NextGen Gallery id or a list of Galleries id separated by a comma
  31. ngimages: NextGen Image id or a list of Images id separated by a comma
  32. dtoffset: the difference (in seconds) between your gpx tool date and your camera date
  33. zoomonscrollwheel: zoom on map when mouse scroll wheel
  34. download: Allow users to download your GPX file
  35. skipcache: Do not use cache. If TRUE might be very slow (default is FALSE)
  36. summary: Print summary details of your GPX (default is FALSE)
  37. summarytotlen: Print Total distance in summary table (default is FALSE)
  38. summarymaxele: Print Max Elevation in summary table (default is FALSE)
  39. summaryminele: Print Min Elevation in summary table (default is FALSE)
  40. summaryeleup: Print Total climbing in summary table (default is FALSE)
  41. summaryeledown: Print Total descent in summary table (default is FALSE)
  42. summaryavgspeed: Print Average Speed in summary table (default is FALSE)
  43. summarytotaltime: Print Total time in summary table (default is FALSE)
What happening if I’ve a very large gpx?

This plugin will print a small amout of points to speedup javascript and pageload.

Ist es kostenlos?



Really good!

That's just the best and simplest way to display a route on wordpress.

Disaster Strikes

I've been using this plugin for a long time and up until recently I was happy with it while it worked as advertised. I used it to create hike reports combining Google Map satellite view, gpx tracks, way points and pics. After the last update, and without warning, the plugin switched from Google Maps to OSM without any satellite view. Several dozen of my hike reports now display hike on drawn OSM maps. Don't be fooled by the satellite photos you see here is product description. There are no more satellite views [edit: I changed my review from 1 star to 3 stars because I found a workaround for the issue above by rolling back version 1.6 to 1.5. If I could update without fear of losing satellite views I would give it 4 or 5 stars]

No more Google Maps

Actually, super plugin, unfortunately, the Google Maps were removed, which I consider a very big minus point. Very bad!


Fantastic to view my trekking itinerary! thank you, works very well

Excellent plugin

A really great plugin for displaying GPX maps on WordPress. The settings area is well documented and easy to understand. Thank you.
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  • resolve admin error


  • Added average values under the graph (thanks to cyclinggeorgian)


  • NGG gallery is working
  • Getting HR, Cad and Temp working again (thanks to cyclinggeorgian)
  • Fix javascript errors
  • Fix multiple traks gpx


  • Fix syntax error causing graph not to display (thanks to nickstabler)


  • Resolved errors with start and end icons


  • Removed Gogole maps. Leafletjs instead.
  • — NextGen Gallery is not working, due next gen image format changed — I’ll fix soon


  • renamed javascript functions to avoid collision with other plugins
  • reduced chart line thickness


  • fix uom
  • fix file not found


  • fix random error


  • Security improvements


  • Improved security
  • Included javascript
  • Multiple file upload
  • Implemented sorting in file list
  • Renamed internal function to improve wp compatibility


  • replaced highcharts with chartjs. This is a forced choice due highcharts license issue, view: https://devfarm.it/wordpress-plugin/wordpress-plugin-directory-notice-wp-gpx-maps-temporarily-disabled/


  • Added Norwegian nb_NO translation (thanks to thordivel)
  • Added Japanese ja_JP translation (thanks to dentos)


  • Switched to HTTPS where possible (thanks to delitestudio)


  • Added Thunderforest Api Key on settings: for OpenCycleMap


  • Added google maps api key on settings
  • Removed parameter ’sensor‘ on google maps js
  • Added unit of measure of speed for swimmers: min/100 meters


  • Fix incompatibility with Debian PHP7 (thanks to phbaer) https://github.com/devfarm-it/wp-gpx-maps/pull/5


  • Improved german translations (thanks to Konrad) http://tadesse.de/7882/2015-wanderung-ostrov-tisa-ii/


  • Retrieve waypoints in JSON, possibility to add a custom marker (Changed by Michel Selerin)


  • Improved Google Maps visualization


  • NextGen Gallery’s Attachment support. Thanks to Stephan Klein (https://klein-gedruckt.de/2015/03/wordpress-plugin-wp-gpx-maps/)


  • Fix: remote file download issue
  • Fix: download file link with WPML
  • Improved cache with filetime (thanks to David)


  • Fix: Garmin cadence again
  • Fix: WP Tabs


  • Fix: Garmin cadence
  • Infowindows closing on mouseout


  • Add feet/Nautical Miles units (thanks to elperepat)
  • Update OpenStreetMaps Credits
  • WP Tabs fix


  • fix: left axis not visible (downgrade highcharts to v3.0.10)
  • fix: fullscreen map js error


  • fix: http/https javascript registration
  • fix: full screen map css issue


  • Speed improvement
  • Rewritten js classes
  • Added Temperature chart
  • Added HTML5 Gps position (you can now follow the gpx with your mobile phone/tablet/pc)


  • Speed improvement


  • Added Catalan translation, thanks to Edgar
  • Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Dani
  • Added different types of distance: Normal, Flat (don’t consider altitude) and Climb distance


  • Added Bulgarian translation, thanks to Svilen Savov
  • Added possibility to hide the elevation chart


  • Smaller map type selector
  • New map: MapToolKit – Terrain
  • Fix: Google maps exception for NextGen Gallery


  • Fix: NextGen Gallery 1.9 compatibility


  • NextGen Gallery 2 support
  • NextGen Gallery Pro support


  • Added meters/miles chart unit of measure
  • Added Russian translation, thanks to G.A.P


  • Added nautical miles as distance (Many thanks to Anders)


  • Added Chart zoom feature
  • Some small bug fixes


  • Added Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to André Ramos
  • new map: Open Cycle Map – Transport
  • new map: Open Cycle Map – Landscape


  • qTranslate compatible


  • Added Polish translation, thanks to Sebastian
  • Fix: Spanish translation
  • Minor javascript improvement


  • Improved italian translation
  • Added grade chart (beta)


  • Added French translation, thanks to Hervé
  • Added Nautical Miles per Hour (Knots) unit of measure


  • Fix: garmin gpx cadence and heart rate
  • Updated Turkish translation, thanks to Edip
  • Added Hungarian translation, thanks to Tami


  • Even Editor and Author users can upload their own gpx. Administrators can see all the administrators gpx. The other users can see only their uploads


  • Fix: In the post list, sometime, the maps was not displaying correctly ( the php rand() function was not working?? )
  • Various improvements for multi track gpx. Thanks to GPSracks.tv
  • Summary table is now avaiable even without chart. Thanks to David


  • 2 decimals for unit of measure min/km and min/mi
  • translation file updated (a couple of phrases added)
  • File list reverse order (from the newer to the older)
  • nggallery integration: division by zero fixed


  • Decimals reducted to 1 for unit of measure min/km and min/mi
  • map zoom and center position is working with waypoints only files
  • automatic scale works again (thanks to MArkus)


  • You can exclude cache (slower and not recommended)
  • You can decide what show in the summary table
  • German translation (thanks to Ali)


  • Fixed fullscreen map image slideshow


  • Multi track gpx support
  • Next Gen Gallery images positions derived from date. You can adjust the date with the shortcode attribute dtoffset
  • If you set Chart Height (shortcode gheight) = 0 means hide the graph
  • Fix: All images should work, independent from browser cache


  • Decimal separator is working with all the browsers
  • minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer was wrong


  • Decimal and thousand separator derived from browser language
  • Added summary table (see settings): Total distance, Max elevation, Min elevation, Total climbing, Total descent, Average speed
  • Added 2 speed units of measure: minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer


  • Multilanguage implementation (only front-end). I’ve implemented the italian one, I hope somebody will help me with other languages..
  • Map Full screen mode (I’m sure it’s not working in ie6. don’t even ask!)
  • Added waypoint custom icon


  • Added possibility to download your gpx


  • Security fix, please update!


  • enable map zoom on scroll wheel (check settings)
  • test attributes in get params


  • google maps images fixed (templates with bad css)
  • upgrade to google maps 3.9



  • include jQuery if needed


  • Remove zero values from cadence and heart rate charts
  • nextgen gallery improvement


  • Cadence chart (where available)
  • minor bug fixes


  • migration from google chart to highcharts. Highcharts are much better than google chart! This is the base for a new serie of improvements. Stay in touch for the next releases!
  • heart rate chart (where available)


  • added css to avoid map bars display issue


  • added new types of maps: Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map, Hike & Bike.
  • fixed nextgen gallery caching problem


  • nextgen gallery display bug fixes