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WP Header Images is a great plugin to implement custom header images for each page. You can set images easily and later can manage CSS from your theme.
WP Header Images is a WordPress plugin which helps you to choose a unique image for each menu page. Normally a menu item can be either page, post, category, product or even just a link. These menu items can be managed from WordPress Admin > Appearance > Menus.
WooCommerce categories can have unique header images by using this plugin. It was a difficult thing to manage different slideshow before, most of the times you have to be restricted for banner area for only home page. And that home banners cannot be used for all pages. By this plugin you can use unique header images for each WooCommerce category and product pages too.

Video Tutorial:

Compatibility List:

  • Guava Pattern
  • Genesis
  • Thesis
  • WooThemes
  • Gantry
  • Carrington Core
  • Hybrid Core
  • Options Framework
  • Redux Framework
  • SMOF
  • UPThemes
  • Vafpress
  • Codestar

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I would appreciate the suggestions related to new features. Please don’t forget to support this free plugin by giving your awesome reviews.

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  1. Can be used with WooCommerce
  2. Exceptional support is available
  3. Developed according to the WordPress plugin development standards

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  • It can be used with menu pages
  • It can be used with menu posts
  • It can be used with menu links
  • It can be used with menu categories
  • It can be used with menu products


This WordPress Plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or
any later version.

This free software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this software. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html.


  • WP Header Images > Settings Page > Custom or Auto Implementation
  • WP Header Images > Settings Page > Menu B
  • How it works? > Shortcode & PHP Impementation
  • By clicking on any image section, media upload option comes up
  • Existing media library images can be used too
  • WP Header Images can be used with multiple menus - 1
  • WP Header Images can be used with multiple menus - 2
  • It can be used with WooCommerce Categories & WooCommerce Products as well
  • WP Header Images > How to clear/remove header images?
  • WP Header Images > Settings Page > Menu A


How to install the plugin and get it working:


  1. Go to your wordpress admin „yoursite.com/wp-admin“

  2. Login and then access „yoursite.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload

  3. Upload and activate this plugin

  4. Now go to admin menu -> settings -> WP Header Images

5- Choose your menu > page

6- Select image from your media library

7- Implementation

<span class="yellow">&lt;?php do_action('apply_header_images'); ?&gt;</span>
<span class="light_blue">&lt;?php do_shortcode('[WP_HEADER_IMAGES]'); ?&gt;</span>


  1. Download the WP Header Images installation package and extract the files on

    your computer.

  2. Create a new directory named WP Header Images in the wp-content/plugins

    directory of your WordPress installation. Use an FTP or SFTP client to

    upload the contents of your WP Header Images archive to the new directory

    that you just created on your web host.

  3. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard and activate the WP Header Images plugin.
  4. Once the plugin is activated, a new WP Header Images sub-menu will appear in your WordPress admin -> settings menu.


Is this compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes, it is compatible with all WordPress themes which are developed according to the WordPress theme development standards.

Is everything ready in this plugin for final deployment?

Every theme will have different header area and required header images place so a few stylesheet properties will be required to be added and/or modified.

How can i report an issue to the plugin author?

It’s better to post on support forum but if you need it be fixed on urgent basis then you can reach me through my blog too. You can find my blog link above.


25. März 2019
I purchased this plugin to enable me to change the header images for the categories. After I uploaded I was not too sure how to get it to do exactly what I needed it to do. I therefore sent a message through and had a response straight away with regards to support via skype. I connected via skype to Fahad Mahmood and he straight away set it up exactly how I wanted it to work. Not only did he do this he wen above and beyond and also noticed a couple of areas that my site could be approved on and implemented this. Great plugin and even better support - 5*
26. Februar 2019
I am not sure if i am missing banner slideshow but still i love this plugin as it works as expected.
23. November 2018
After I installed/activated it, most of my widgets were removed from sidebars and left sidebar was rest to the default black background. Ugh. Lots of time wasted.
8. Januar 2018
I had an issue with my woocommerce header being unresponsive so I went researching for plugins. I came across "WP Header Images" which looked like it might be the answer but wasn't sure. I them read the reviews for the plugin and took note of all of the amazing comments for about a man named Fahad who was the developer. So I sent him an email for which he replied almost instantly assuring me that he could help me. Fahad and I Skyped a day later and he resolved my issue promptly and professionally. I am glad that there are people like Fahad in this world that stand by their products and offer amazing and professional support. BTW - Fahad never asked for compensation nor did he ask that I write this review. Thanks Fahad 🙂
9. August 2017
Both the plugin and the Developper are AMAZING ! Fahad is always here to listening for suggestions and also willing to help if support needed. I strongly recommend you to give a try to his work, you will be more than happy. 🙂 Continue your good work buddy and just waiting for more, more and more !!!!! THANKS !
18. Mai 2017
Works perfectly for my site - exactly what I am looking for, being able to customize specific header images across all pages. Also, allows you to place the header above or below the navbar depending on where you place the code. The only issue I had involved Jetpack mobile view and Fahad couldn't have done more to ensure everything was resolved. Works a charm.
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  • Get header images function wrapped with another condition in case of taxonomy or archives. [Thanks to Artash Apinyan]


  • WooCommerce product categories and WordPress categories are added as premium feature. [Thanks to Casey Sharp]


  • Improved templates tab and a video tutorial added for premium users.


  • Languages added. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Pro version refined. [Thanks to Salman Qureshi]


  • Breadcrumbs added through templates. [Thanks to Solojoomla]


  • An important warning has been handled.


  • New shortcodes added so images can be used in overlay. [Thanks to David Garofalo]


  • uninstall.php added. [Thanks to veltsu]


  • More post types enabled and added in premium version. [Thanks to albclr76]


  • Default template string issue fixed. [Thanks to Solojoomla]


  • New tabs added in settings area.


  • Storefront theme header image compatibility added.


  • the_custom_header_markup() compatibility added for default WordPress themes.


  • Improved implementation. [Thanks to Cary Virtue]


  • Sanitized input and fixed direct file access issues.


  • Metadata work in progress for slider.


  • Template selection refined. [Thanks to Ulysse Media]


  • Fatal error fixed. [Thanks to Ulysse Media]


  • Plugin is now translatable.
  • Premium shortcodes and templates added. [Thanks to Guillaume Tremblay]


  • get_terms updated to wp_get_nav_menus [Thanks to Deborah Bellony]


  • HTTP and HTTPS related issue resolved for WooCommerce shop page. [Thanks to Ricardo Heikamp]
  • Mobile responsive height auto settings. [Thanks to delcour]


  • Single post can have default home banner. [Thanks to Lucia Hsieh]


  • An important fix. [Thanks to chania06]


  • An important fix. [Thanks to Dirk Schneider]


  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_product_category() removed.


  • A few tweaks and improved usability. [Thanks to Magalli Mendoza]


  • A few tweaks and improved usability.


  • An important update for WordPress user capabilities 4.5.2.


  • An important update for WordPress version 4.5.0.


  • An important feature is added.


  • A few important fixes are done.


  • A minor fix.


  • Initial Commit