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Beautiful WordPress emails for your contact form notifications, your WooCommerce and EDD transactional emails, WordPress core emails, BuddyPress and many more.
Create your own professional email design within a few minutes without any coding.

See how we create an email template within two and a half minutes

All in one email designer for your contact forms, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and many more…

  • Responsive & Geräte-unabhängig:
    Wir haben unsere Vorlage auf allen gängigen Mail Clients, Webmail Anbietern und Mobilgeräten getestet
  • Template library:
    Start your email design with one of our templates created by professional designer
  • Text oder Bild-Header:
    Gestalte deinen E-Mail Header entweder mit Farben und Text, nutze dein Logo oder gestalte einen Banner.
  • Farben und Schriften anpassen:
    Verschiedene Plugins versenden unterschiedliche E-Mails. Du kannst für alle eine gemeinsame Vorlage für Überschriften, Texte, Links und mehr vorgeben. Damit bekommen deine E-Mails ein einheitliches und professionelles Aussehen.
  • Schreibe Kontaktdaten und rechtliche Infos in die Fußzeile:
    Im Footer kannst du auch Links zu Impressum und AGBs oder Ähnliches einfügen.
  • Inline CSS:
    Webmail Clients überschreiben deine Formatierungen nicht, da diese in Inline-Styles konvertiert werden.
  • Email Test Modus:
    Leite zum Testen alle E-Mails an deine eigene E-Mail Adresse um. Das kann such für Staging-Systeme sehr praktisch sein.
  • Sieh all deine Änderungen in der Live Vorschau.

WooCommerce Drag & Drop Email Customizer

Use our WooCommerce email customizer addon to customize all your store emails. For all standard emails you can also edit the email content as well as the products table.
Most emails from third party WooCommerce plugins can be styled and for some of them we created special integrations:

  • Barcodes von YITH WooCommerce Bar Codes and QR Codes können beliebig in E-Mails platziert werden.
  • Die Mails des WooCommerce Order Status Manager können bequem bearbeitet werden.
  • Mit dem Checkout Field Editor kannst du eigene Felder für den Bestellvorgang anlegen, die dann in E-Mails verwendet werden können.
  • WooCommerce German Market arbeitet perfekt mit unserem Plugin zusammen.
  • With AutomateWoo you can use your email template for your abandoned cart mails and other automated emails
  • WooCommerce Advanced Shipment Tracking
    You can try the plugin in our WooCommerce Demo.

get WooCommerce Email Customizer >

Easy Digital Downloads Email Customizer

Our second ecommerce extension is for Easy Digital Downloads. Using this simple add-on you can

  • customize typography for items, variations and links
  • format the products table
  • see a preview of your EDD emails in desktop and mobile view

get Easy Digital Downloads Email Customizer >

mehr über WP HTML Mail

Funktioniert mit den meisten E-Mail Delivery Plugins

  • WP Offload SES
  • Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • wpMandrill



The plugin is currently available in following languages

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  • Our template library
  • Gestalte einen Header mit Text oder Bildern
  • Konfiguriere Schriftarten
  • Füge deine Kontaktdaten zum E-Mail Footer hinzu
  • turn template on and off for supported plugins


Extrahiere das ZIP Archiv in den Ordner wp-content/plugins/ und aktiviere das Plugin dann unter in WordPress unter „Plugins“


Does it work for emails from plugin XYZ?

Our email designer has integrations for these plugins:

Auch wenn wir WP HTML Mail nicht für alle Plugins optimieren können nutzen unsere User die E-Mail Templates noch für viele weitere Plugins.

  • ACF Advanced Forms
  • Elementor Forms
  • Events Made Easy
  • Learndash Notifications
  • Matador Jobs
  • Memberpress
  • Modern Events Calendar
  • Uncanny Owl Groups
  • ShieldSecurity

Can I send my newsletter campaigns with this plugin?

No, this is not a newsletter tool, it just makes your emails beautiful but doesn’t send custom ones.

How can I remove the gap at the header of my Contact Form 7 emails?

Go to your Contact Form 7 email settings and change email type from HTML to text. WP HTML Mail will take care of the HTML.

Can a customize the HTML code of the email header?

There’s a filter to change the header HTML code. Just add this to your (child-)themes functions.php:

add_filter('haet_mail_header', function( $header ){
    return 'hello <strong>world</strong>';

Of course you can display HTML code, not just text.

Can a customize the HTML code of the email footer?

There’s a filter to change the footer HTML code. Just add this to your (child-)themes functions.php:

add_filter('haet_mail_footer', function( $header ){
    return 'hello <strong>world</strong>';

Can I add custom CSS code to my WordPress emails?

You can add your own CSS code for desktop and mobile. Just add this example to your (child-)themes functions.php and customize it:

add_filter( 'haet_mail_css_desktop', function( $css ){
    $css .= '  
                border-bottom: 2px solid green;
    return $css;

add_filter( 'haet_mail_css_mobile', function( $css ){
    $css .= '  
    return $css;

How to disable the template for some emails?

Find anything all emails have in common. It may be the sender, a word in the subject or something in the email body.
Then add this function to your (child-)themes functions.php and customize it. Return TRUE if the template should be used and FALSE if not.

// return true if you want to use a template for current mail
// return false if you want to leave the content of this email unchanged
add_filter( 'haet_mail_use_template', 'customize_template_usage', 10, 2 );
function customize_template_usage( $use_template, $mail ){
    // $mail['to'] ...
    // $mail['subject'] ...
    // $mail['message'] ...
    // $mail['headers'] ...
    // $mail['attachments'] ...
    return true;

another example


12. April 2021
I spent several days choosing a plugin for configuring email templates. I tried different options, paid, free demos. But this plugin is WP HTML Mail WooCommerce it impressed me with its flexibility and customizability. You can configure almost anything you want. Of course, there are minor nuances that I would like to implement. I think technical support will help me with this. By the way, about technical support. I have already asked for help a couple of times, I did not understand a couple of points. Hannes (developer) responds quickly and to the point. In general, I am happy that I did not regret $ 65, but the second day I am happy to set up my templates. I recommend it.
26. März 2021
I found setting up my emails very easy and clear, and they look great. And excellent support fixing a minor problem caused by some WordPress changes. Very nice!
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  • changed inline css library
  • fixed missing links on header
  • removed debug logs
  • fixed CSRF and Self XSS vulnerabilities


  • make URLs clickable in plain text email (eg. reset password)
  • fixed missing line breaks if multiple emails are sent at once


  • Fixed a notice about REST endpoint
  • jQuery fixes for WP 5.6
  • fixed a warning initializing options with Polylang enabled


  • added an option to disable overriding the sender by default (can still be enabled for individual plugins)


  • JS and CSS updates for WP 5.5
  • optimized for Formidable Forms and WP Foro


  • forgot to remove the webfonts tab in previous version which is still under development


  • enabled transient caching for template library
  • changed the way content type is detected to also support filters
  • improved support for ShieldSecurity
  • Header and Footer also translatable with Polylang now


  • brand new react based template editor (for WP 5.4+)
  • template library with 25+ email templates


  • added a link to manage all custom posts created by mailbuilder (tab „advanced“)
  • added export and import functions (tab „advanced“)
  • added uppercase formatting to font settings
  • added a few more web safe fonts
  • removed call to libxml_disable_entity_loader to support Kinsta hosting
  • tagged minimum PHP version 7.2


  • Header and Footer translatable with WPML


  • Fix: WooCommerce tab has overwritten some settings set on the plugins tab
  • Fixed issue with password reset mail when plain text is interpreted as HTML: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/password-recover-link/

  • Fixed bug with headers passed as array instead of string
  • added new option to allow plaintext emails containing HTML code for backwards compatibility


  • TeraWallet Support
  • Improved filtering of plaintext emails

  • custom templates can be moved to uploads folder now

  • fixed a notice with not initialized settings

  • improved polylang compatibility
  • added options to enable/disable header and footer per sender plugin


  • added debug mode
  • optionally remove header and footer in mailbuilder
  • fixed a bug causing content to be overridden in mailbuilder

  • removed a notice during login

  • fixed a missing file during commit


  • Happy Forms support
  • Added email test mode to redirect all messages to your own mailbox

  • Fixed a character encoding bug


  • Improvements for Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow


  • Developers get back the custom template feature
  • new filter for custom header HTML code haet_mail_header
  • new filter for custom footer HTML code haet_mail_footer
  • filter for custom CSS haet_mail_css_desktop and `haet_mail_css_mobile


  • fixed a character encoding bug


  • another fix for gravity forms https://wordpress.org/support/topic/unwanted-space-in-gravity-form-notifications-and-solution/
  • changed get_tab_url() to use add_query_arg()
  • added reset buttons to delete settings
  • added preheader text to improve preview in some mailclients

  • Bugfix for GravityForms line breaks


  • Added support for Gravity Forms
  • added shortcode support


  • Improved Mailbuilder interface
  • Mailbuilder supports padding and bg color for each element
  • Removed „advanced“ tab
  • Added link to website to header
  • Supports some special characters now in sender name and subject


  • Added support for Birthday Emails, thanks to @carman23
  • improved CSS inlining (using a fork of CSS inliner now, but keeping the previous version for compatibility with WP HTML Mail for WooCommerce until 2.7.3)


  • Added support for WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System
  • WooCommerce Attachments Bugfix
  • Mailbuilder Improvement


  • Improved MailBuilder for WooCommerce
  • Minor Bugfixes


  • Updates for WooCommerce 3
  • Supports attachments for WooCommerce emails now
  • Fixed detection of NinjaForms emails


  • Improved responsive display in Gmail App
  • Improved scaling for Outlook with high DPI setting
  • Fixed a bug adding inline styles to head tag
  • PHP Version check
  • Fixed line breaks in emails sent by Contact Form 7


  • Updated translation management


  • Better alignment for multicolumn content (especially for WooCommerce)


  • Fixed another bug with inline styles causing wrong preview of email footer


  • Updated CSS to Inline Styles library because of a bug with multiple line breaks


  • Updated italian translation
  • Improved some WooCommerce features


  • Fixed a bug causing double line breaks


  • Works with wpMandrill now


  • Plugin can be used by Non-Admins now see here


  • Updated inline css library
  • Improved font toolbar


  • Updated german translation


  • Fixed a bug causing Email sender not beeing set


  • Added Drag&Drop Mailbuilder to customize email content


  • Bugfixes
  • Support for Contact Form 7
  • Italian and German translations


  • Improved formatting of embedded tables and lists


  • Bugfixes
  • added support for WooCommerce
  • added support for Easy Digital Downloads


  • replaced nl2br with wpautop https://wordpress.org/support/topic/replace-nl2br-with-wpautop
  • removed a few PHP notices
  • added support for Caldera forms