WP Mail Catcher


A fast, lightweight plugin that saves emails sent by your WordPress website (under 140kb in size!)


  • Zero setup required – just install and away you go
  • Minimalistic – no overbloated features you never use weighing your site down – under 140kb in size!
  • Bulk export emails to CSV for easy inclusion into Excel or any other program
  • Compose new emails with the WordPress controls you’re already familiar with
  • Resend your emails in bulk
  • Debugging – see exactly which file and code line was responsible for sending the email, along with any errors encountered
  • Manage what user permissions can see the logs
  • Routinely have your logs cleared out at a specified time – or keep them forever
  • Completely free


  • Send a quick email from your dashboard
  • Basic, no clutter options page
  • The table supports: sorting, exporting and resending


Is this really free?

Yup, completely 100% free, no premium add-ons or anything like that.

Does that include adverts/nagging

Yes, there are no adverts/annoying messages asking you to „upgrade to pro“ or anything similar, 100% of the features are available and always will be.

What plugins are supported?

Anything that doesn’t unhook the native wp_mail function is supported, this includes but not limited to:
* WooCommerce
* Contact Form 7
* MailGun
* SparkPost
* Easy WP SMTP (excluding their test email function)
* SendGrid

(Click here for a full list)[https://github.com/JWardee/wp-mail-catcher#confirmed-support]

What plugins are currently not supported
  • WP Mail Bank (unhooks wp_mail filters)
  • BuddyPress

If you’d like to see support for these plugins or any other plugins please leave a feature request in our (GitHub tracker)[https://github.com/JWardee/wp-mail-catcher/issues]

I’ve found an issue!/I have a great idea on how to improve this

Great! Please leave a note in our (GitHub tracker)


Juni 18, 2019
I was using Laragon and MailCatcher, but somehow emails sent using that took mind-numbing-ly long (like several minutes). I never figured out why, especially when the emails were just staying on my localhost and everything else was quite fast. In comparison, using this plugin is nice and fast. It saves the emails locally, and I can see them as HTML too.
April 21, 2019
Since recently discovering this plugin it has been very helpful to me on my local development machine (which is unable to send email, so have Mail Catcher's logs of emails that WP sends out is great!). And the developer has also been very responsive to a few of my suggestions for minor improvements.
November 21, 2018
Great to see such a useful plugin with no configuration required. Installed it in XAMPP on windows on a test website and I can immediately see the captured sent emails. Export is a handy feature too. Good to see the email body preserves new lines so you can see in the spreadsheet the exact layout of plain text emails. Thanks for making my life easier! 🙂
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