WP Maintenance Mode


Schaltet deiner Homepage eine Seite vor, die Besucher über laufende Wartungsarbeiten informiert, oder richte eine «Baustellen-Seite» ein, die über die bevorstehende Veröffentlichung deiner Seite informiert. Benutzer mit Adminrechten haben Vollzugriff auf die Seite, inklusive Frontend.

Activate the plugin and your blog is in maintenance-mode, works and only registered users with enough rights can see the front end. You can use a date with a countdown timer for visitor information or set a value and unit for information.

Also works with WordPress Multisite installs (each blog from the network has it’s own maintenance settings).


  • komplett individualisierbar (Farben von Text und Hintergrund änderbar)
  • Mailingliste (exportiere Mails in eine CSV-Datei)
  • Countdown (Restzeit)
  • Kontaktformular (erhalte E-Mails deiner Besucher)
  • «Baustellen-Seite»
  • Vorlagen für landing pages
  • Multisite-tauglich
  • responsives Design
  • Social-Media-Icons
  • funktioniert mit jedem WordPress-Theme
  • SEO-Optionen
  • Exclude URLs from maintenance;
  • Bot functionality to collect the emails in a friendly and efficient way.
  • Bereit für DSGVO-Einstellungen

Fehler, technische Hinweise oder Mitarbeit

Please give us feedback, contribute and file technical bugs on GitHub Repo.


Developed by Designmodo & StrictThemes – WordPress Themes


  • Maintenance Mode Example
  • Maintenance Mode Example #2
  • Bot Example
  • Dashboard General Settings
  • Design-Einstellungen
  • Dashboard Modules Settings
  • Dashboard Bot Settings
  • Kontaktformular


  1. Entpacke die Download-Datei
  2. Lade alle Dateien und Ordner in das Verzeichnis /wp-content/plugins/ hoch.
  3. Aktiviere das Plugin im „Plugins“-Menü in WordPress
  4. Gehe zur Seite Einstellungen, auf der du einstellen kannst, was du benötigst (beachte die Option Ausschließen!)


So benutzt du Plugin-Filter

See [GitHub Repo] (https://github.com/andrianvaleanu/WP-Maintenance-Mode) FAQ.

Unterstützung für Cache-Plugins

WP Maintenance Mode läuft möglicherweise nicht stabil, wenn ein Cache-Plugin benutzt wird. Wir empfehlen, jegliche Cache-Plugins zu deaktivieren, solange WP Maintenance Mode aktiv ist.


Falls du deine Login-URL änderst, füge die neue Adresse bitte zur Ausschluss-Liste hinzu (Plugin-Einstellungen, Tab „Allgemein“). Für http://domain.com/loginneu solltest du „loginneu“ eintragen.


18. März 2021
I've been using it for years, and looking at others it remains the simplest, clearest, and most understood of everything. For those who want to work with the code or just put 2 words. Then the contact form, the colddown and now the MINI BOT. cool !!!
17. Februar 2021
Simple, working, free, easy to set-up. Need more?
17. Februar 2021
I've used this on all of my WordPress projects for a while now, and it's become an instant install for any new projects. Great plugin!
26. Januar 2021
Good choice of design solutions for a free version, the interactive bot is a happy call, support is prompt and perfect. Of course, if you choose a dark background image, link to the Privacy will be held in very deep privacy - it was a good idea to make the color of it like the others, selectable, but to take off two stars for this is an overkill. It is a good idea also to file the name of the subscriber and her/his IP, in case the admin would like to grant them access by IP.
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2.3.0 (07/12/2020)

  • Modules: add support for Google Analytics 4 measurement ID
  • Design: enable media buttons on wp_editor (now you can add images from the editor)
  • Bot: fix translation issue
  • Misc: add filters for capabilities wpmm_settings_capability, wpmm_subscribers_capability, and wpmm_all_actions_capability (the last one can be used to override all capabilities)
  • Misc: fix [loginform] shortcode redirect attribute
  • Misc: a few CSS & Javascript improvements
  • Misc: bump „Tested up to“ version to 5.6

2.2.4 (20/05/2019)

  • bump „Tested up to“ to 5.2.0
  • fix typo in Italian translation (it_IT)
  • Bot: add a note about how you can export the list of subscribers #195
  • Bot: add client-side sanitization to the input fields #176

2.2.3 (20/02/2019)

  • bump „Tested up to“ version to 5.1.0
  • replace „wpmu_new_blog“ action with „wp_initialize_site“ action for WP 5.1.0 users because the first one is deprecated in the new version
  • small improvement to „check_exclude“ method from „WP_Maintenance_Mode“ class

2.2.2 (27/11/2018)

  • Google Analytics module: migrate from analytics.js to gtag.js + add ip anonymization #178
  • GDPR module: accept links inside texareas + add policy link target #188
  • add charset meta tag #200
  • fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT
  • add plural and single form translation for subscribers number (settings page)

2.2.1 (13/07/2018)

  • replace create_function; solves #186 issue and ticket (thanks @ George Jipa)
  • solve „set options on first activation“ bug ticket (thanks @ George Jipa)
  • make (frontend) privacy labels clickable (thanks @ George Jipa)
  • added array key check to avoid notice (thanks @ Smiggel)
  • added instagram icon (thanks @ bozdoz)

2.2 (25/05/2018)

  • added GDPR feature

2.1.2 (04/03/2018)

  • fixed a bug that was breaking the plugin after updating from 2.0.9 to 2.1.1

2.1.1 (01/03/2018)

  • fixed a visual bug with wrap container
  • added internationalization support for bot fixed strings
  • fixed path for loading data.js required for the bot (thanks @ George Jipa)
  • added wpmm_before_scripts hook, fires just before loading the scripts
  • moved data.js to uploads directory (thanks @ George Jipa)

2.1 (27/02/2018)

  • added bot feature
  • css fixes
  • new css transitions for buttons
  • fixed https problem (thanks @ George Jipa)
  • updated translations, help us! 🙂

2.0.9 (29/11/2016)

  • new hook (wpmm_after_body) in maintenance mode template (thanks @ Karolína Vyskočilová)
  • pt_PT (portuguese) language update (thanks @ Pedro Mendonça)
  • maintenance mode template can also be loaded from theme/child-theme folder (thanks @ Florian Tiar and Lachlan Heywood)
  • new hooks for contact form (if you want to add new fields): wpmm_contact_form_start, wpmm_contact_form_before_message, wpmm_contact_form_after_message, wpmm_contact_form_end
  • new hook for contact form validation (if you want to validate new fields): wpmm_contact_validation
  • new hooks for contact form template (if you want to display new fields): wpmm_contact_template_start, wpmm_contact_template_before_message, wpmm_contact_template_after_message, wpmm_contact_template_end
  • some javascript improvements
  • small css fix for contact form (thanks @ frontenddev)

2.0.8 (09/09/2016)

  • add wp_scripts() function (in helpers.php) to maintain backward compatibility (for those with WP < 4.2.0)
  • css fix for subscribe button on maintenance page
  • fix multisite administrator access issue
  • pt_PT (portuguese) language update (thanks @ Pedro Mendonça)
  • new hooks for Contact module: wpmm_contact_template, wpmm_contact_subject, wpmm_contact_headers
  • jQuery (google cdn) path fix when SCRIPT_DEBUG is true

2.0.7 (06/07/2016)

  • reset_settings _wpnonce check (thanks # Wordfence)
  • modules > google analytics code sanitization (thanks @ Wordfence)
  • move sidebar banners from our servers to plugin folder… as WordPress staff requested
  • Subscribe button error on Mobile version (thanks @ Hostílio Thumbo)
  • replace $wp_scripts global with wp_scripts() function
  • de_DE language file update (thanks @ tt22tt)

2.0.6 (20/06/2016)

  • Aktualisiert: Benachrichtigungen
  • Aktualisiert: Sprachen

2.0.5 (17/06/2016)

  • roles (array) fix

2.0.4 (17/06/2016)

  • fixed issue: responsive subscribe form
  • fixed issue: jQuery was loaded from a different folder on some WP installations
  • fixed issue: errors after update (strstr on empty strings because of saving empty lines on exclude list)
  • fixed issue: if „Redirection“ from „General“ tab is active, also redirects ajax calls
  • fixed issue: settings page title was wrong placed
  • „contact“ feature update – nice email template + reply-to email header
  • refactoring for some methods
  • all assets are now minified
  • rewrite count db records function (used on subscribers count)
  • compatible with https://github.com/afragen/github-updater
  • compatible with wp-cli http://wp-cli.org/
  • improved responsivity
  • improved roles access; now you can set multiple roles (editor, author, subscriber, contributor) and administrator will always have access to backend and frontend
  • it_IT translation by benedettogit (https://github.com/benedettogit)
  • updated all language files (need help for 100% translation)

2.0.3 (07/10/2014)

  • WP_Super_Cache issue was fixed
  • fixed „Subscribe“ button issue on Safari mobile
  • fixed color of subscribe-success message (same color as subscribe_text)
  • „Social networks“ module edits: settings for links target + a new social network: linkedin
  • new module „Google Analytics“
  • loginform shortcode reintroduced
  • dashboard link on maintenance page reintroduced
  • the content editor accepts new css inline properties: min-height, max-height, min-width, max-width. Use them wisely! 🙂
  • Settings & sidebar view + old translation files edited
  • Update from old version 1.x to 2.x issue was fixed
  • Translate on activation issue was fixed
  • de_DE translation by Frank Bültge (http://bueltge.github.io/)
  • pt_PT translation (100% translated) by Pedro Mendonça (http://www.pedromendonca.pt)
  • ru_RU translation (100% translated) by affectiosus (https://github.com/affectiosus)
  • nl_NL translation by dhunink (https://github.com/dhunink)
  • es_ES translation (100% translated) by Erick Ruiz de Chavez (http://erickruizdechavez.com/)
  • fr_FR translation by Florian TIAR (https://github.com/Mahjouba91)
  • pt_BR translation by Jonatas Araújo (http://www.designworld.com.br/)
  • sv_SE translation by Andréas Lundgren (http://adevade.com/)

2.0.2 (04/09/2014)

  • Removed „Author Link“ option from General
  • Countdown – save details fix

2.0.1 (02/09/2014)

  • Reintroduced some deprecated actions from old version (but still available in next 4 releases, after that will be removed) and replaced with new ones:
  • wm_head -> wpmm_head
  • wm_footer -> wpmm_footer
  • Multisite settings link fix
  • WP_Maintenance_Mode: init (array checking for custom_css arrays, move delete cache part into a helper, etc.), add_subscriber, send_contact, redirect fixes & optimizations
  • WP_Maintenance_Mode_Admin: save_plugin_settings fixes, delete_cache (new method)
  • Settings & Maintenance views fixes
  • Readme.txt changes

2.0.0 (01/09/2014)

  • Changed design and functionality, new features
  • Changed multisite behavior: now you can activate maintenance individually (each blog from the network has it’s own maintenance settings)
  • Removed actions: wm_header, wm_footer, wm_content
  • Removed filters: wm_header
  • Removed [loginform] shortcode
  • Some filters are deprecated (but still available in next 4 releases, after that will be removed) and replaced with new ones:
  • wm_heading -> wpmm_heading,
  • wp_maintenance_mode_status_code -> wpmm_status_code
  • wm_title -> wpmm_meta_title
  • wm_meta_author -> wpmm_meta_author
  • wm_meta_description -> wpmm_meta_description
  • wm_meta_keywords -> wpmm_meta_keywords
  • Added new filters:
  • wpmm_backtime – can be used to change the backtime from page header
  • wpmm_meta_robots – can be used to change Robots Meta Tag option (from General)
  • wpmm_text – can be used to change Text option (from Design > Content)
  • wpmm_scripts – can be used to embed new javascript files
  • wpmm_styles – can be used to embed new css files
  • wpmm_search_bots – if you have Bypass for Search Bots option (from General) activated, it can be used to add new bots (useragents)
  • Removed themes and now we have a „Design“ & „Modules“ tabs, where the look and functionality of the maintenance page can be changed as you need


  • Switch to new owner, contributor

1.8.11 (07/25/2013)

  • Fixes for php notices in strict mode
  • Alternative for check url, if curl is not installed

1.8.10 (07/18/2013)

  • Add check for urls, Performance topics
  • Change default setting of ‚Support Link‘ to false
  • Fix network settings php notices

1.8.9 (06/20/2013)

  • Allow empty header, title, heading string
  • Small code changes
  • Add Support function
  • Remove preview, will include later in a new release with extra settings page

1.8.8 (06/05/2013)

  • Fix path to localized flash content
  • Fix preview function
  • Add ukrainian translation
  • Add czech translation
  • Fix exclude function for IP
  • Security fix for save status via Ajax

1.8.7 (04/07/2013)

  • Add RTL support for splash page
  • Add Filter Hook wp_maintenance_mode_status_code Status Code; default is 503
  • Add support for custom splash page; leave a file with this name wp-maintenance-mode.php in the wp-content; the plugin use this file
    The plugin checks in WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/wp-maintenance-mode.php'
  • Small minor changes
  • Add filter for more date on splash page

1.8.6 (02/22/2013)

  • Remove log inside console for JS
  • Add support for time inside the countdown
  • Add filter hook wm_meta_authorfor the meta data author
  • Add filter hook wm_meta_description for custom description
  • Add filter hook wm_meta_keywordsfor custom meta keys

1.8.5 (01/24/2013)

  • Added new settings for hide, view notices about the active maintenance mode
  • Changes on source, codex
  • Fix PHP Notices Support Thread
  • Change default settings, added ajax
  • Fix Preview function
  • Fix uninstall in WPMU
  • Small updates on styles for login form

1.8.4 (12/06/2012)

  • Fix for include JS in frontend to use countdown
  • Small mini fix for a php notice
  • Add charset on spalsh page for strange databases
  • Enhanced default exclude addresses
  • Add shortcode [loginform] for easy use a login form in splash page
  • Test with WordPress 3.5


  • Fix for the forgotten update of JS-files; slow SVN 🙁
  • Minor Fixes


  • Add different access for Frontend and Backend
  • Add Rewrite after Login for Frontend Access
  • Different small changes
  • Test for WP 3.5


  • Add option for value of robots meta tag
  • Add option for optional admin login


  • Include all scripts in backend via function
  • Update datepicker and countdown js
  • Supported IP as exclude for see the frontend
  • Add support for flush cache of WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache plugins
  • Fix for changes in WP 3.3 Multisite

1.7.1 (12/05/2011)

  • fix for WP smaller 3.2* on Network

1.7.0 (12/02/2011)

  • add functionalities to use in WP Multisite
  • remove message in header, current is not fixed the ticked in core and the message on Admin Bar an Notice is enough
  • check on WP 3.3RC1

1.6.10 (08/30/2011)

  • add hint in Admin Bar, if active
  • small changes for WP Codex

1.6.9 (06/13/2011)

  • Small fix for empty string on custom design

1.6.8 (04/05/2011)

  • Small changes on check for datepicker
  • Fix for Design monster

1.6.7 (01/05/2011)

  • Bugfix: new check for files for different themes; hope this fix the server errors
  • Bugfix: fix add default settings
  • Maintenance: different changes on the syntax
  • Feature: add check for Super Admin on WP Multisite; has always the rights for access
  • Feature: now it is possible to exclude feed from maintenance mode
  • Maintenance: check with 3.0.4 and 3.1-RC2
  • Maintenance: update language file: .pot, de_DE
  • Bugfix: JavaScript error on Bulk Actions on plugins fixed
  • Maintenance: fix all notice, if set no values

1.6.6. (10/09/2010)

  • Maintenance: many changes on the code; $locale and hook in side frontend
  • Maintenance: change attribute_escaped to esc_attr with custom method for WP smaller 2.8
  • Maintenance: Update german language files
  • Feature: Shortcodes is now possible in the „Text“ option
  • Feature: no cache header rewrite

1.6.5 (09/16/2010)

  • add new design „Chemistry“ by elmastudio.de
  • changes for include methods of class for preview
  • changes the possibility for include of language specific flash files

1.6.4 (09/13/2010)

  • add preview functions
  • bugfix for list in wp-admin/plugins.php
  • remove datepicker.regional – dont work fine
  • different small changes
  • new language file .pot
  • add flash file and change on plugin for style „Animate“ for spanish language

1.6.3 (07/27/2010)

  • bugfix to include stylesheet on maintenance mode message

1.6.2 (07/08/2010)

  • add functions for hint in the new UI of WP 3.0
  • add more WP Codex standard source
  • fix strings in the language and languages files
  • add datetimepicker-de

1.6.1 (06/18/2010)

1.6 (05/17/2010)

  • bugfix for exclude sites

1.5.9 (05/07/2010)

  • change different points
  • add possibility to wotk with MySQLDumper

= 1.5.8 (21/03/2010)=
* fix exclude error
* add textareas for heading and header fields

1.5.7 (03/18/2010)

  • block admin-area via role
  • add message for registered users with not enough rights
  • add message on login-page
  • different changes

1.5.6 (02/25/2010)

  • changes on css, site.php and different syntax on the plugin

1.5.5 (02/23/2010)

  • SORRY, small bug for the url to jQuery

1.5.4 (02/23/2010)

  • add time for countdown
  • changes for WP 3.0
  • changes on rights to see frontend

1.5.3 (01/05/2010)

  • Fix for JavaScript with WordPress 2.9
  • Add new custom fields for fronted: title, header, heading
  • Fix for setting userrole to see frontend
  • Change language files

1.5.2 (01/04/2010)

  • add user-role setting
  • corrected the de_DE language file

1.5.1 (10/04/2009)

  • add small fix
  • add language files (en_ES, ro_RO)

1.5.0 (09/28/2009)

  • add countdown
  • change options
  • change default options
  • add field for own address to excerpt of the maintenance mode
  • etc.

1.4.9 (07/09/2009)

  • also ready for WordPress 2.6
  • add romanian language files
  • add italian language file by Gianni Diurno

1.4.8 (03/09/2009)

1.4.7 (26/08/2009)

  • change doc-type to utf-8 without BOM

v1.4.6 (24/08/2009)

  • add design „Animate (Flash)“ by Sebastian Schmiedel
  • add new hook for add content wm_content to include flash on content
  • add french language files

v1.4.5 (19/08/2009)

  • fix html string in text on frontend
  • add design „Paint“ by Marvin Labod
  • add turkish language files

v1.4.4 (18/08/2009)

v1.4.3 (13/08/2009)

  • add option for the Text
  • add option for active maintenance mode
  • add design „The FF Error“ by Thomas Meschke
  • add design „Monster“ by Sebastian Sebald

v1.4.2 (10/08/2009)

  • add design „The Sun“ by Nicki Steiger
  • now it is possible to add own css and add in settings the url to the css-file

v1.4.1 (07/08/2009)

  • small html-fix

v1.4 (06/08/2009)