Verbessern Sie Ihre Web-Typographie mit:

  • Hyphenation — over 70 languages supported

  • Space control, including:

    • widow protection
    • gluing values to units
    • forced internal wrapping of long URLs & email addresses
  • Intelligent character replacement, including smart handling of:

    • Anführungszeichen
    • Gedankenstriche
    • Ellipsen
    • Urheberrechts- und Markenzeichen
    • mathematische Symbole
    • Brüche
    • Ordinalsuffixe
  • CSS hooks for styling:

    • Et-Zeichen,
    • großgeschriebene Wörter,
    • Ziffern,
    • initiale Anführungszeichen & Guillements.


  • wp-Typography "General" settings page.
  • wp-Typography "Hyphenation" settings page.
  • wp-Typography "Intelligent Character Replacement" settings page.
  • wp-Typography "Space Control" settings page.
  • wp-Typography "Add CSS Hooks" settings page.


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.




wp‐Typography stellt folgende Anforderungen:

  • Auf dem Server muss PHP 5.6.0 oder neuer installiert sein,
  • your installation of PHP must include the following PHP extensions (most do):
  • der Text muss als UTF-8 kodiert sein.


Antworten auf häufige Fragen sind auf der wp-Typography-Website zu finden.

Three questions come up so frequently, we will republish their answers here:

Wird dieses Plugin meine Website verlangsamen?

Maybe. For best performance, use a persistent object cache plugin like WP Redis.

This plugin breaks post title links. What gives?

More likely than not, your WordPress theme is using an improper function to set the title attribute of your heading’s link. It is probably using the the_title() function, which delivers the post title after filtering. It should be using the_title_attribute() which delivers the post title before filtering. Change out this function throughout your theme when it is used inside of an HTML tag, and the problem should go away.

If you are uncomfortable editing your theme’s code, you may alternatively go to the wp-Typography settings page in your admin panel and add h1 and h2 to the „Do not process the content of these HTML elements:“ field. This will disable typographic processing within improperly designed page title links and page titles.

What are the privacy implications of using the plugin?

wp-Typography does not store, transmit or otherwise process personal data as such. It does cache the content of the site’s posts. If necessary, you can clear this cache from the plugin’s settings page.

Remember, many more FAQs are are addressed the wp-Typography website.


3. Juli 2020
This plugin is one of the most comprehensive solution for those who care about typography. Works perfectly in French and makes the life of a WordPress writer way easier! Besides the plugin itself, the support on this board is excellent too.
29. Juni 2020
(Stand 2020) Hervorragendes Standard-Plugin für deutschsprachige Installationen, da der Platz in unserer Sprache manchmal etwas eng wird und die Browser-Standard-Trennmethoden noch Raum für Verbesserungen haben. Uneingeschränkte Empfehlung vom Umfassenden WordPress-Handbuch.
7. Mai 2020
Ich habe das Plugin bei allen von uns betreuten Websites im Einsatz. So sieht der Text viel stimmiger aus, vor allen Dingen bei mobilen Geräten. Dazu kommt ein wirklich klasse Support des Autors. Vielen Dank für dieses Plugin.
6. Februar 2020
Just tried it for German. Perfect. Wenn Ihr irgendwo PayPal Spenden akzeptiert, lasst es mich wissen. Viele Grüße und vielen Dank!
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5.7.1 – June 24, 2020

  • Bugfix: Filters can be removed again with remove_filter().
  • Bugfix: The block editor does not crash anymore when trying to edit a custom post type that does not support custom-fields.

5.7.0 – May 22, 2020

  • Feature: Disable wp-Typography for specific posts/pages (via a sidebar toggle in the block editor or the filter hook typo_disable_processing_for_post).
  • Feature: New block wp-typography/typography added to apply typography fixes on nested blocks (e.g. in widgets).
  • Change: Significantly updated hyphenation patterns for:
    • Amharic,
    • Chinese pinyin (Latin),
    • German,
    • German (Traditional),
    • German (Swiss Traditional),
    • Latin (Classical),
    • Latein (Kirchenlatein),
    • Spanish.
  • Change: The minimum version has been raised to WordPress 4.9.
  • Change: The DOM extension is now explicitly required for running the plugin.
  • Bugfix: Copying from form fields works again when Remove hyphenation when copying to clipboard is enabled.

5.6.1 – December 24, 2019

  • Bugfix: Some error messages were not getting translated because of a WP.org infrastructure change.
  • Bugfix: No more whitescreens when the underlying DOM parser fails.
  • Bugfix: The path for script assets is now correctly constructed when wp-Typography is used as MU plugin.

5.6.0 – July 21, 2019

  • Feature: Support for new variant of the international dash style without hair spaces for numeric intervals (i.e. 9-17 becomes 9–17 instead of 9 – 17).
  • Feature: Smart area and volume units (5m2 is transformed into 5 m²).
  • Feature: The use of narrow no-break spaces and the true Unicode hyphen can now be enabled via the GUI. Consequently, the filter hook typo_narrow_no_break_space has been deprecated.
  • Change: The HTML title handling has been reengineered, and consequently, the title variant of the typo_disable_filtering hook has been removed.
  • Change: CSS class injection for ampersands, acronyms, and intial quotes is now disabled by default.
  • Change: The smart quotes preview in the settings page should now be easier to read.
  • Change: All external PHP dependencies have been moved to the namespace WP_Typography\Vendor to reduce the chance of conflicts with other plugins.
  • Bugfix: The regular expression for cleaning user-supplied CSS no longer uses invalid syntax. This should fix any errors in PHP 7.3.