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WPMobile.App build the Android and iPhone-iPad native mobile application of your WordPress site and allow you to publish it on Google Play and Apple Store.

Our Android and iOS mobile app offer

  • 💳 VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE – We only sell lifetime licences, no subscription, no hidden fees.

Android 79€ // iOS 79€ // Android + iOS 149€

  • 🎉 FREE TEST – You can test your mobile app with the Android and iOS demo app. The only thing you need to do is install this plugin and then you can view your mobile app as it will be in its final version.

  • 🖌 CUSTOMIZATION – The mobile app of your site will look like your site, you will be able to choose the name, the logo and the theme of your mobile app. No mention of our brand or advertisement, the mobile app is white-labeled.

  • 📲 GREAT COMPATIBILITY – Our mobile apps are compatible with smartphones and tablets, require only Android 4.1 minimum and iOS 8, this represents the vast majority of the smartphone market.

  • 👌 VERY EASY PUBLISH – We take care of all the technical work, no software to download or complicated manipulation to do. We have automated the entire compilation process and are able to send you your application in 20 minutes!

  • 💬 SUPPORT TEAM – We are here to help you and answer all your requests as quickly as possible. We’ll try to answer all your questions ASAP.

  • NATIVE MOBILE APP – Fast and 100% adapted to all smartphones, screen sizes, software and networks native applications are the top of mobile applications, whether for Android or iOS.

What do you get with WPMobile.App, the mobile app creator?

  • 👍 AUTOMATIC APP UPDATE – When new content is posted on your site, the application is automatically updated, you have absolutely nothing to do. The mobile app is able to display all the contents present on your site, at any time.

  • 🛫 OFFLINE CONTENT – All the contents of the application are cached on the user’s mobile so that this content can be read if there is no more network connection or if the mobile is on airplane mode.

  • 📢 NOTIFICATIONS – With unlimited push notification, you can talk with your users, with an amazing open rate. Manually or when a page or article is published users of your mobile app receive a notification that directly opens the right page on the mobile app.

  • 📈 REAL-TIME STATISTICS – From the WordPress panel you can access to 12 stats about the mobile app usage. Number of installations, graphical evolution of traffic, actions on the mobile app, geolocation, content view, language, browsing history, … All statistics are real-time and hosted on your site.

  • 🔎 SEARCH ENGINE – Users can search for your content directly from the mobile app. Directly from the app the users will be able to access all your content in just a few clicks, exploiting the power of the wordpress search engine.

  • 👋 SOCIAL SHARING – The users of your mobile app will be able to share your pages and your articles in 1 click by using all the applications installed on their smartphone (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, messaging, SMS, …).

  • COMMENTS – If comments are enabled on the page being read, the user can read all the comments and access a form to leave a comment. We use the native WordPress system and the mobile app passes most anti-spam systems.


  • Configuration from the admin area - Manage your app from your backoffice
  • Example - Software app with a map
  • Example - Blog app with multiple posts


WordPress Admin Method

  1. Go to you administration area in WordPress Plugins > Add
  2. Look for WPMobile.App (use search form)
  3. Click on Install and activate the plugin
  4. Find the settings page through Settings > WPMobile.App

FTP Method

  1. Upload the complete wpappninja folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mit dem ‚Plugins‘-Menü in WordPress
  3. Find the settings page through the WPMobile.App menu on the toolbar


11. September 2019
J'ai toujours eu de dépenser autant d'argent dans des plugins wordpress ! Mais là ça vaut le coup ! Amuari le créateur de ce plugin est totalement à l'écoute. J'ai echangé bon nombre de mails avec lui, quoi qu'il arrive il répond rapidement (Sous 24h à 48h) et essaye toujours d'apporter une réponse ou de trouver une solution pour vous satisfaire. J'ai commencé par simplement à acheter la license iPhone et je vais m'empresser dans quelques semaines ! Merci pour cette superbe opportunité !
5. September 2019
Pas besoin de se prendre la tête à développer une appli compliquée lorsqu'on a ce plugin. C'est très pratique
12. August 2019
This app is wonderful. You can put your site on a APP (IOS/Abdroid) with no problem ! You can integrate Instagram Embed Video and Photo Codes, Facebook Embed, Youtube etc ! I really love the support ! They respond soo fast ! I really apreecciate all the work in this WP Mobile App ! This app, really rocks !
6. August 2019
Unfortunately the application does not work well with my woocommerce site. I hope support can help me overcome this problem. Thankful!
12. Juli 2019
Le résultat est top. Avoir une appli facilement, rapidement, sans une ligne de code : génial. Le support est excellent. Ouvert aux suggestions d'évolution d'abord. Et surtout très patient quand il s'agit de guider pour la publication. Bref, je recommande à 200%
19. Juni 2019
I wish this could be five stars, and in reality I am very happy with the app, the plugin and the support. Unfortunately, the letdown is Apple. Having published a very successful Android version in Google's Play Store, my app has been rejected from Apple's App Store because it "does nothing sufficiently different from Safari". This isn't wpmobile's fault, it's Apple's fault. I'm wondering how other apps created through wpmobile (or for that matter, other WordPress app builders - or any other app builders) can possibly be accepted if Apple are going to apply this policy? This is a pretty big showstopper for using wpmobile, as App Store apps are one of the main reasons for using it. I'm sure there are ways I could improve my wpmobile app and resubmit, meeting Apple's conditions. But I would have to remove other plugins from my website and reconfigure the whole WordPress installation, breaking the website itself. My site works well as it is and there are reasons for each and every function; I cannot meet Apple's conditions. Clearly not something wpmobile can do anything about, I guess - just the luck of the draw whether your app gets through the system, or not. EDIT: I have now changed to five stars due to excellent service and support, @Amauric has been amazing with support for this plugin and I can thoroughly recommend it. Apple's support and attitude on the other hand, has been abysmal.
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  • Trying to fix the double notification bug


  • Dont push pages


  • Fix the button to open the push config
  • Fix a bug when push on update


  • Allow to open internal pages in the external browser
  • Fix push sended multiples times
  • Mise à jour des traductions FR


  • Fix a bug on the /post.php page when push are enabled


  • Fix a bug with the „open in a new tab“ button on the preview
  • Fix a bug on the share link when there is a parameter in the url
  • Fix a bug with the iOS menu size
  • Add the link to the author archive page on the author shortcode
  • Update German translations


  • Fix a bug on with some post type


  • Add an auto push option for post updates
  • Fix the inversion of text/description in push messages
  • Fix a bug on some old installation preventing push to being sent
  • Use the excluded tags for all lists


  • Remove unnecessary script


  • Fix a bug at login after the registration


  • Update the qrcode scanner shortcode


  • Adjust the push alert UI
  • Reverse the infinite load on post pages
  • Add number of pages view in the chart
  • Update es translations


  • Fix a bug on the notification popup (again)


  • Fix a bug on the notification popup


  • Do not load the wpmobile interface when a post is embeded


  • Fix a Javascript error


  • Show a global alert if there is more than 1 unread push
  • Translate the woocommerce order status in push


  • Fix a bug with the qrcode scanner if loaded multiple times


  • Fix a bug with the translation returning empty result
  • Fix a bug with some custom category in the push settings
  • Fix a bug with the link on the push alert


  • Fix a bug with the manual translation
  • Fix a bug on the search results title


  • Fix manual translation on menu group
  • Fix PHP notices


  • Fix a bug with the notification in app not showing


  • Fix the qrcode shortcode


  • Lower the ajax interval
  • Fix a bug with some ajax request on buddypress


  • Fix a bug on the ajax request for push


  • Fix a stupid bug with the new qrcode reader


  • Fixes on the new push system


  • Improve the notification system
  • New QRCode reader
  • Fix the status bar color


  • Strip off parameters of the share shortcode
  • Fix an incompatibility with WordPress <4.5


  • Fix a bug with offline on iOS
  • Fix a bug with the XS header margin


  • Fix a bug with AIT themes


  • Fix the broken margin in iphone X*


  • Fix the topbar for the iphone XS Max
  • Fix a bug with AMP theme


  • Fix a bug if no homepage


  • Fix registration to push for android users


  • Fix registration to push for android users


  • Less agressive push banner
  • Fix a bug with the menu groups


  • New UI for the Lang switcher widget
  • Better preview of the app from the plugin


  • Add an option to display 5 items on list
  • Fix a Javascript error blocking the app load


  • Android SDK 2019 is ready


  • Remove slashes on notification history
  • Fix a bug with auto push send


  • New SDK: problem with external link is fixed


  • Added +100 new icons for the menu
  • Update the icons design
  • Fix few color issues


  • Send notification by role
  • Reset the notification badge in iOS


  • Fix a Javascript error that can break lazy load and animations


  • Fix a bug with notification registration process


  • Prepare the plugin for the 2019 sdk


  • Warning: AdBuddiz, AdMob, Google Analytics, Hybrid Theme will be deprecated with the 2019 SDK. You can continue to use these features but will not be able to update the app framework.
  • Buddypress: Notifications are now synched with the app
  • Add a password lost link in the login widget
  • Add a splashscreen preview


  • New UI for the push history
  • New UX for the FAB menu if only 1 item
  • Fix a Javascript undefined error


  • Add visual effect for read/unread notifications
  • Add a new shortcode to display a push notification icon: [wpmobile_notification_badge]
  • Fix the dialog not closing when clicking on the backdrop


  • Fix a bug on the service worker
  • Fix a bug on the ios push title not including the message
  • Faster menu editor page
  • Attempt to fix the loader


  • Fix a bug on the service worker
  • Add the number of push in the menu


  • Fix the share link
  • Fix a bug on the API


  • Faster push on Android
  • Better login error handler


  • Fix the title if this is a search
  • Fix the loader
  • Show all options to all theme


  • Fix the crazy laoder (add a wait when this is an ajax request)


  • Add a maxlength on the push title input
  • Add a loader on all theme
  • Fix a bug on the old simple theme
  • Release the cron lock faster
  • Remove the local website warning


  • Fix a bug with the SecuPress compatibility
  • Redirect to the push setting page after restart if modification


  • Add an option to send a push to all Members
  • Fix a bug with demo admob banner for apple reviewers
  • Fix a bug with list with more than 10 posts


  • New light dashboard
  • Push when a mail is sent
  • Push when a WooCommerce order change
  • Push when a post is published
  • Compatibility fix for AIT themes and plugin
  • Compatibility fix for Autoptimize
  • Compatibility fix for SecuPress
  • Compatibility fix for WPSpamShield
  • Multiples fixes on the push notifications
  • Multiples fixes on the stats