Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

WP/LR Sync (Lightroom Sync)


Synchronize your photos, collections, keywords and metadata between Lightroom and WordPress. You can link meta fields from Lightroom to those in WordPress (Title, Description, Alt) and also keep it in sync. Any changes in your Lightroom will be replicated in your WordPress. Basically this is not a problem anymore when you change your watermark, the quality of your photos, the post-processing or information, it’s all one-click away. Learn more about it here: WP/LR Sync.


If you are using specific gallery plugins or photography themes, WP/LR Sync can bring all the power of Lightroom to them, magically, seamlessly. You will be free to choose the theme or gallery plugin you like the best and even switch between them. WP/LR Sync has a built-in extensions system so that you can extend it easily and support specific themes and plugins. A powerful extension called „Post Types“ is already included and probably does everything you need. More information about it here: Post Types Extension.


You can use attributes (collections=’…‘, keywords=’…‘) in the standard WP Gallery shortcode to link your galleries to your collections and keywords in Lightoom dynamically. No need to own a specific plugin or anything, it works naturally with WordPress. The Meow Gallery and the Meow Lightbox are recommended to enhance your galleries with better layouts and options. They can directly get your Lightroom collections.


Do you have many photos in your WordPress already and they are not linked with your Lightroom? No problem, WP/LR Sync can do that too. Using EXIF and image perceptual analysis, the plugin will help you linking them through a process call Total Synchronization or you can do it manually. The process is explained here: Total Synchronization.


You are using a certain photo everywhere but you now have a better one? From Lightroom, you can swap one photo to another and this will be replicated automatically on your WordPress. You have nothing else to do. The module is called „Switch Photos“ in Lightroom.


There is an external API available through WP/LR Sync that iPhone, Android developers or anybody else can use to make apps. There is one available for iPhone, you can search for it on the iTunes Store (it is not free, and not made by Meow Apps).


I am myself an user of this plugin and even though it is the only one, I want to make it better every day. If you have issues, frustrations, or anything to say, contact me. I will work hard to make it even more awesome.

Sprachen: Englisch, Spanisch (durch Nahuai Badiola). Wenn du das Plugin in eine andere Sprache übersetzen willst, kontaktiere mich bitte 🙂


  • WP/LR-Sync-Veröffentlichungsdienst in Lightroom
  • Synchronisierte Dateien in der Medienbibliothek
  • Veröffentlichungsdienst-Einstellungen
  • Totalsynchronisationsmodul
  • "Erweitert"-Tab in der Totalsynchronisation


This plugin also requires the WP/LR Sync Plugin for Lightroom to be purchased and installed. Please have a look at the official website of WP/LR Sync.1. Upload wplr-sync to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
3. Install the Lightroom plugin from here.
4. Synchronize everything 🙂


Official FAQ is here.


15. April 2021
It saves me a lot of time. What I like most is, that you can manage everything within lightroom. If you have several wordpress sites, you can configure them individually
10. Februar 2021
This plugin worked straightforward the first time I used it in combination with Real Media Library + WP/LR Sync Folders and the Meow Gallery. If you are using Lightroom, this plugin is a must-have. Patrick
30. Oktober 2020
I knew this plugin already for a while but I did NOT use it. But now I installed it along with the WP/LR Sync Folders with Real Media Library plugin and the Meow Renamer plugin. Now I know what I missed... A boost for my workflow between Adobe LR in combination with my website. After the right settings it works like a charm. Want to change a photo on a (production) website? No problem. Just change it in LR the photo and publish it. New watermark on all the already published photos or new dimensions? No problem. Thanks for this plugin! And a very good support too!
27. September 2020
I've been using this plugin for years to keep my huge collection of 3d renders and artwork synced, titled and updated with my website directly from within Adobe Lightroom, it just makes things so much easier to be able to see all of my images together to decide which version to publish. Also as I am an inveterate tinkerer who is never fully satisfied with any of my artwork it lets me republish any edited image thus replacing it on my website with the newer version. I also love the fact that I can also set up my synced image sizes, quality and watermark in Lightroom, and can change them by resyncing in minutes. The plugin's author is also very approachable, friendly and helpful which is also a huge bonus.
25. August 2020
I can't believe this was available all this time, and there I was, wasting hours trying to build a database of hundreds of photos, effortlessly trying copious amounts of downright stupid wannabe plugins promising to "streamline" the process. I do believe the majority of photographers use Lightroom, and this is an invaluable tool to compliment your workflow. It's love at first sync. Or something like that. If you don't use Lightroom, pffft, enjoy staying up late, cause I'll be done syncing! On a serious note (seriously), worth the investment. Pros (just a few): Straight forward setup. (My kid could do it) No flashy UI, sort of like it just sits in the backend working it's but off. Fast! And we're all about speed, right boys and gals? Metadata is vital to my site, this makes it sooooooo easy!!! Cons (there are actually): I don't like cats. Sorry 🙁 I have them allergies. The WP/LR plugin-service came too late in my life. WP/LR cannot make coffee or read my emails. WebP conversion support would be great for the future.
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  • Update: Optimized the files and the plugin is now a bit lighter.
  • Fix: Simplified an expression, fixed a few variables which are used for debugging.
  • Info: There has been no (discovered) bugs in WP/LR Sync for the past 4 months, so… champagne!
  • Info: This plugin is alive thanks to you! So if you have one minute, please give it a good review here. Thank you 🙂


  • Add: Filters for checking file existence.
  • Update: Admin enhancements.


  • Fix: „Avoid Double Processing“ wasn’t working well, now it should be better (but still beta, so use with caution).
  • Fix: Remove some useless logging.


  • Add: New parameter for shortcode: wplr-keywords-and (all the keywords need to be present the media entry to be displayed).
  • Update: Avoid removing quotes from the keywords.
  • Update: Removing keywords, folders or collections through the Galleries menu in now more convenient.


  • Add: wplr_calculate_pHash filter, for the developers interested in adding their own way to match photos using Total Sync.
  • Fix: The variable used for the version number wasn’t properly named.


  • Update: i18n fixes.


  • Update: Admin refreshed to 2.4.
  • Add: When the gallery icon is clicked in the Media Library Explorer, the Gallery shortcode is displayed.


  • Fix: Fixed the Explorer which could interfere with some page builders.
  • Add: The constant DOING_WPLR_REQUEST is now set when the WP/LR Sync API is running (for developers).


  • Fix: The warning message about WP/LR Sync was reset by caching/cleaning solutions.
  • Add: Detect potential issues with NinjaFirewall.


  • Add: New ‚Catch Errors‘ option. Can be useful if you are not able to fix the errors (coming from other plugins or your theme) happening on your install, but really would like to be able to use WP/LR Sync anyway.


  • Fix: Use the PHP function to move uploaded files, that helps in some cases.
  • Fix: Better handling of errors.
  • Add: New ‚Troubleshooting‘ section in the WP/LR Sync Settings, to detect potential issues.


  • Fix: Better handling for the ones using the Theme Assistant plugin.
  • Info: Have a look below at the changes of the Version 5.0.0 if you didn’t update to the 5+ version yet.


  • Info: There is a huge update! The plugin on the Lightroom needs to be also updated. Please check this page: Update to WP/LR Sync 5.0.
  • Add: New protocol, and the old XML/RPC and REST ones were removed.
  • Add: Better order options through the API.
  • Update: Explorer enhanced, many will love it.
  • Update: Login through token only, no more user/password to avoid security issues and to simplify the process.


  • Fix: Rare case. The mime_content_type was set to nothing for PHP versions prior to 5.3.0 (and without the PECL extension).


  • Fix: If the function mime_content_type does not exist on the user install, gets the mime type depending on the file extension.
  • Update: The re-order process was rewritten and is now much, much faster than before. The Theme Assistant also needs to be updated if you are using it.


  • Add: Explorer mode has been added. It is added dynamically to the Media Library and the Add or Edit Media modals in the Editor. It’s lighter than RML but it doesn’t replace it in terms of features. It will be kept simple and straightforward. Please check the Settings.


  • Info: This is a big update. We are working hard on WP/LR Sync to take it to the next level. Faster, easier to use, with better extensions. Please review the plugin if you like it, that motivates us a lot 🙂
  • Info: The Post Types extension and the RML extension has been deprecated, and moved to the WordPress repository with better names. If you were using those, follow the procedure that will be displayed in your WordPress admin.
  • Update: Better layout in the admin, re-structrured the menus.
  • Update: Beter error handling.
  • Fix: Mime type was always the same.


  • Fix: Problem mit erneuter Synchronisierung für Beschreibungsdaten.
  • Fix: Kompatibilität mit PHP 7.2.


  • Aktualisierung: Sicherstellen, dass die RML-Erweiterung mit der letzten Version von RML (4.0.0) geladen wird.
  • Info: For the last 10 months, the plugin had no bugs! I will be able to push new features now that everything is perfectly stable.


  • Aktualisierung: Bessere Darstellung des Wurzelverzeichnisses in der Medienbibliothek.
  • Aktualisierung: Wenn keine eigene Reihenfolge für die Galerien existiert, wird das Medien-Upload-Datum genutzt.


  • Fix: MLA konnte ALT nicht aktualisieren.
  • Aktualisierung: Inhaltstyp erstellt Sammlung erneut, wenn sie versehentlich gelöscht wurde.
  • Aktualisierung: Besserer Löschprozess für Sammlungen und Schlagworte im Admin-Bereich.


  • Fix: Sicherstellen, dass OB-Buffering am Ende der REST-Aufrufe geschieht.


  • Fix: Löschen der Sammlungen und Schlagworte leitet nicht mehr zur Debug-Seite weiter.
  • Neu: Wir können sehen, welcher Beitrag durch die Inhaltstyp-Erweiterung synchronisiert wird.
  • Fix: Kein OB nutzen, wenn bereits ein OB-Prozess existiert.
  • Neu: Mehr geloggte Informationen, wenn nötig.


  • Neu: Die Attribute (Sammlungen, Schlagworte) für den [gallery]-Shortcode unterstützen auch den Standard-WP-Shortcode. Du kannst nun alles so einfach aktuell halten! Bitte schau dir auch das Meow-Gallery-Plugin an.
  • Fix: Kleiner Fix in der Inhaltstyp-Erweiterung.
  • Fix: Benutzerdefinierte Reihenfolge für die WP-Galerie.


  • Neu: Sammlungen- und Schlagwort-Verwaltung im Menü. Bitte teile mir mit, was du darüber denkst.
  • Neu: Shortcode [gallery collections=“1,2″] und [gallery keywords=“1,2″] um deine Bilder basierend auf Sammlungen und Schlagworten einfacher anzuzeigen. Hierfür wird das Meow-Gallery-Plugin benötigt.
  • Neu: Erweitertes Fehler-Fangen, um Fehler und Warnung von anderen Plugins zu vermeiden, die den WP/LR-Synchronisationsprozess beeinträchtigen könnten.
  • Fix: Reihenfolge in Galerien.


  • Neu: Das Plugin kann nun übersetzt werden.


  • Neu: Schlagworthierarchie in den Debug-Werkzeugen verfügbar.
  • Fix: Besserer Umgang mit Schlagworten aus Lightroom in WordPress.
  • Info: Überprüfung auf neustes Lr-Plugin (3.0.8) im Meow-Apps-Store (https://store.meowapps.com/), Schlagwortverwaltung verbessert


  • Aktualisierung: Das Plugin fängt nun externe PHP-Fehler (in anderen Plugins) ab und sendet diese Debug-Informationen an das Lr-Plugin. Dies sollte beim Debugging nützlich sein.
  • Info: Es gab größere Änderungen im Lizenzierungssystem und dem neuen Meow-Apps-Store, bitte lies Folgendes: https://meowapps.com/wplr-sync-3-store/. Zögere bitte nicht, dieses Artikel mit Gedanken dazu zu kommentieren. Wir arbeiten hart um alles mehr als perfekt zu machen, jetzt und zukünftig 🙂


  • Neu: Sortiere Fotos innerhalb einer Sammlung.
  • Fix: HTTP-Bearer für die öffentliche API und die API ist nun standardmäßig aktiviert.
  • Fix: Besserer Umgang mit manuell gelöschten Medien in WordPress. Der Papierkorb ist nun deaktiviert, wenn die Mediendateien synchronisiert werden.
  • Info: Es gibt nun eine iPhone-App für WP/LR Sync! Suche nach WP/LR im Apple Store.


  • Aktualisierung: neue RML- und Erweiterungsversion.
  • Fix: Problem mit manuellem Verknüpfen/Verknüpfung lösen.
  • Fix: Es gab ein Problem mit Ordnern / Sammlungen wenn diese als Filter in der Medienbibliothek angezeigt wurden.
  • Info: Ich brauche deine Hilfe. Das Plugin soll mehr beworben und kommuniziert werden. Wenn du irgendeinen Blog, ein Magazin, eine Webseite kennst, die daran interessant sein könnte, über das Plugin zu schreiben, sag mir bitte Bescheid (https://meowapps.com/contact/). Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung 🙂


  • Aktualisierung: schönere Nutzeroberfläche, welche nun den Meow-Apps-Adminbereich einschließt. Schauen wir mal, wie es läuft. Bitte kontaktiere mich bei Problemen!
  • Fix: Kleiner Fehler in der RML-Erweiterung.
  • Fix: Die Erweitung für die Real Media Library arbeitet nun mit der letzten Version des Plugins (Version 2.8, Dank an Matthias). Du kannst hier mehr zu diesem Plugin erfahren: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-real-media-library-media-categories-folders/13155134?ref=TigrouMeow.


  • Neu: Medien-Tools können ignorierte Fotos anzeigen, um sie zu verknüpfen.
  • Neu: Warnung, wenn eine bestimmte Option im W3 Total Cache aktiviert ist (führt zu Problemen mit WP/LR Sync).
  • Neu: Erweiterte Funktionen für Entwickler (weitere folgen).
  • Fix: Galerien wurden von der Inhaltstypen-Erweiterung nicht immer aktualisiert, wenn Option im Shortcode benutzt wurden.
  • Fix: Im Admin-Bereich konnte eine CSS-Datei nicht gefunden werden. War kein großes Problem, aber sollte trotzdem gelöst werden.
  • Fix: Erweiterung für RML wird nicht geladen, wenn das RML-Plugin nicht aktiv ist.
  • Neu: In den Debug-Tools > Hierarchie ist es nun möglich, Sammlungen und Ordner zu entfernen. Das ist hilfreich, wenn Lr eine Sammlung/einen Ordner auf dem Server erstellt und die Antwort nicht verarbeitet wird (beispielsweise bei einem Verbindungsabbruch).


  • Fix: Fehlerhafte Seiten im Admin-Bereich von WP/LR Sync nach Code-Optimierung.
  • Fix: Vermeiden eines Fehlers, wenn die EXIF-Daten in einem Bild fehlerhaft sind.
  • Aktualisierung: Vollständige Unterstützung für Real Media Library. Bitte schaue in das Erweiterungen-Menü von WP/LR Sync.
  • Aktualisierung: Spenden-Button in den Ansichten entfernt.
  • Add: Post Type, mode added. „Array in Post Meta“ let you use a post meta to update your galleries (now handle many more themes and plugins).
  • Fix: Inhaltstypen verarbeiten ein entferntes Beitragsbild besser, in dem sie es automatisch durch ein verfügbares Bild ersetzen.
  • Neu: Optionen für Theme-Entwickler, welche Inhaltstypen verwenden.
  • Neu: Erweiterung für Real Media Library. Die Erweiterung ist im Beta-Stadium.
  • Fix: kleiner Fehler mit remove_taxonomy_from_posttype in den Inhaltstypen.


  • Add: Options for adding Keywords in the Media Library and sync them automatically.
  • Update: Display a message to the user if the Permalinks are not set (required for the REST protocol).
  • Fix: The Total Sync was failing after the new REST protocol was added. Should be okay now.
  • Update: Option „Accents in Filename“ renamed to „Skip Sanitization“ and the description was updated.
  • Add: New Option ‚Media Date‘ to use the photo taken date instead of the upload date in the Media Library.
  • Add: New options ‚Accents in Filename‘ to enable accents in filenames. By default, accents will be replaced by non-accented characters.
  • Add: Supports the REST protocol. Now the Lightroom plugin will have the choice to use either XML/RPC or REST as a protocol, which might remove a lot of XML/RPC related issues. You will need to use the newest version of the LR plugin, not available publicly yet (but soon).


  • Update: Change the way a few things were called, and the description.
  • Fix: Post type extension was always created new post with the default category (called Uncategorized by default).
  • Fix: Unlink and Delete links in the Media Tools weren’t working.
  • Add: Extension „Post Types“ now supports two new options. First, is that keywords can be linked to a taxonomy. Second is that a post-type can be created either as publish or draft.
  • Update: Extension „Post Types“ has more options. Now can sync with existing post in your post-type and term in your taxonomy. For example, you can link your LR collection to your already existing album/collection on WordPress. Same with the categories, folders, etc. I probably need to write a tutorial about this one day but for advanced users it will be easy to figure out.


  • Added: New Extension! Called Post Types. Handle custom Post Types and Taxonomies (to support more themes and plugins). Plase try it out to sync your Collections and Folders/Sets. I write a little about this news here: https://meowapps.com/wplr-sync-post-types-extension/.
  • Fix: If plugin can’t get the maximum size for http uploads, return a big value anyway (to avoid blocking users).
  • Fix: Logger Extension was failing on PHP 7.0.
  • Update: Headers now compliant with WP 4.4.
  • Fix: Keywords count for the Basic Posts extension now updates itself.
  • Fix: Basic Posts extension was still the old one for some reason.


  • Add: Support for hierarchical keywords.
  • Fix: The Clean Database button was not working well on WP MultiSite.
  • Update: Basic Posts extension is not so basic anymore. Added categories (based on LR collections) and keywords.
  • Info: Basic Posts is becoming a very good example of the power of those extensions. I will improve depending on your requests 🙂
  • Info: A new version of the plugin for LR is required (2.2.0) for this new hierarchical keywords support. Check https://meowapps.com.
  • Update: WP 4.3 support.
  • Info: There is a new version of the plugin for Lightroom since today (2015/08/20).
  • Info: Please update it to avoid the NOT_MEOWAPPS issue to appear in LR (which is fixed by log-off + log-on).


  • Add: Collections support.
  • Add: Tags support for media.
  • Add: Many actions for other plugins and extensions to use.
  • Add: 3 internal extensions added: Basic Posts, Basic Galleries and Logging.
  • Update: Bigger menu for WP/LR Sync, everything has been re-organized.
  • Update: Debugging Tools for WP/LR Sync now accessible through an option.
  • Fix: Multisite is now supported.
  • Info: That’s a BIG update. Everything has been tested. You can update it already. The plugin for Lightroom will follow. Many information are available on https://meowapps.com/wplr-sync. Also just wrote a post about this news, please read it here: https://meowapps.com/wplr-sync-2-0/. Thank you!


  • Fix: Issue with rights on uploaded files.
  • Fix: Multilanguage support issue with un-links detection (not a major bug).
  • Change: The temporary directory has been changed to avoid issues.
  • Fix: Presync support for HVVM.
  • Fix: Handle broken databases nicely and period of time when the plugin is turned off (and changes are made).
  • Fix: Plugin keeps its own DB table clean.
  • Add: Presync. PHP settings are sent to LR to prevent errors.
  • Add: Update the empty WP metadata with the LR data.
  • Fix: Change on how temporary files are created (to support HHVM).


  • Add: Additional features to support WPML Media.
  • Update: Switch Photos module enabled in LR.
  • Add: Compatibility with WPML Media (translation plugin for the media images).
  • Info: WPML Media needs to change something on their side for full support. Please check this post: https://meowapps.com/wpml-media-and-wplr-sync/.
  • Add: Ignore button.
  • Add: Post attachment information and showing the titles of post and media when hovering the links.
  • Fix: When linking a media, the page doesn’t scroll up annoyingly to the top anymore.
  • Add: Handlers of new module in the LR plugin (module to switch photos).
  • Info: In preparation of the future release of the LR plugin (1.2).


  • Fix: Duplicate files are now all deleted on WP when the LR photo is removed (against only the first one before).
  • Info: Minor and major number of the most current version between the WP and LR plugins will always match from now.
  • Add: Undo function available.
  • Fix: Many WP images linked to same LR image? They now all update, instead of only the first one previously.
  • Fix: Title was not being updated properly during sync.
  • Add: Dashboard for WPLR.
  • Update: Better sync/link management through the Media Manager.
  • Add: Handles metadata.
  • Fix: XML/RPC Sync.


  • Erste Veröffentlichung.