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With Zoho Forms drag-and-drop interface, building forms is easier than ever. Create forms for your website and keep in touch with your visitors.

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To embed a form on your WordPress site, you need a Zoho Forms account.

Login to your Zoho Forms account and create a form for your WordPress site. Install the Zoho Forms plugin for WordPress and activate the plugin.

Click the Zoho Forms icon under Embed. You will be prompted to sign in to your Zoho Forms account (if you haven’t already) and choose a form or enter the form permalink URL without signing in.

Once you define the height and width of your form and click Embed, the form’s preview will be shown in the editor.

You can also create a short code as shown below to embed your form in your WordPress page:
[zohoForms src=<Form Permalink> width=100% height=600px]

Note: You can copy the Form Permalink from the Share tab in your form builder.

These setup instructions are for WordPress versions 5.0 and above.
Click here to learn more about Zoho Forms plugin for WordPress 4.9.9 & below.


  • Click on Plugins and "Activate" Zoho Forms.
  • Once the plug-in is activated, click the Zoho Forms icon under Embed.
  • On clicking the Zoho Forms icon, the Zoho Forms block will be added.
  • You can sign in to your Zoho Forms account and pick a form.
  • Alternatively, you can paste the permalink URL of the form without signing in.
  • Once you click "Embed", the form's preview will appear.
  • The form will appear like this once you publish your site.


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Zoho Forms


You can install the Zoho Forms plugin two ways:

  1. Install from the WordPress plugin installer.

    * Under the Plugins section of your WordPress Dashboard, search for Zoho Forms.
    * Install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer.
  2. Download the plugin.

    * Access the Plugins tab in WordPress, and search for Zoho Forms.
    * Download the plugin into your system.
    * Upload it to the folder, "/wp-content/plugins/zohoforms/".

Once you install the plugin, you need to activate it to embed your forms. To activate the Zoho Forms plugin, go to the Plugins section in the admin panel and click on Activate . Once activated, the Zoho Forms icon will appear in your WordPress editor.


How can I change the height and width of my form?
  • You can edit the height and width while choosing the form you want to embed.

    • You can also modify the existing height and width in the short code that you add in the WordPress editor.
Do you provide premade templates?

We have created numerous templates for different verticals. You can customize these templates to suit your needs. Know more

Maximum number of submissions for a form?

It depends on the plan you have chosen. You can get atleast 500 submissions for a form per month. Know more.

Can I customize my form?

We provide a number of cutomizing options. You can chose from the list of themes provided or you can create your own. Know more.


14. Juni 2019
I really thought this would be simple but only works for embedding in a page or post. Forms really need a widget or shortcode. Embedding in a single page is nice too but is a good secondary feature if you have a shortcode.
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