• juergensmeyer


    Hey all,

    my problem:
    I need a navbar with a „main menu“ & below a navbar with a „submenu“. Depending on the page that is accessed via the „main menu“, a customized/different submenu should appear.

    My solution steps:
    I tried a few plugins, but got nowhere with any of them. In addition, I have also tried to build a conditional menu via php, but here always depending on the condition „main menu“ & „submenu“ has adapted equally. Means „main menu“ & „submenu“ were always the same.

    Can someone help me?
    Theme: Astra

    Many thanks.

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    Moderation Note:

    I have closed this thread because you asked your question in English in the German support forums. To keep the threads accessible for users who don’t speak English, please ask your question in German or post it in the international support forums. Thanks for your understanding.

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